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Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 5
He moved through his farm, making rustling sounds as his feet crumbled the dry leaves on the ground. He paced up and down looking tensed, 
"Does it mean that they don't need firewood today?", he soliloquized.
He sat on a huge mound of caked sand, tapping his feet against the ground nervously then he scratched his head and walked down the narrow path leading to the stream.  When he got there, there were children filling their pots with water, he slowly climbed up the guava tree and relaxed on a branch. The children seemed unaware of Anyanwu's presence, it was better because he didn't want to attract their attention. Soon the area became quiet and he was contemplating on staying or going back home when he heard voices engaged in gossip and laughing loudly. He watched them from the branch, they were all maidens then he set his eyes on her and jumped down. 
Their eyes locked and he allowed a smile spill over his handsome face, "what are doing here?&quo…

Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 4

Anyanwu got home but Amadioha was not in the compound, "Amadi! Amadi!" but dead silence echoed a response. If there was something he needed at the moment, it was solitude. He sat back to fantasize about the maiden, she was all his ideal woman should be. Her smile radiated like the stars, her strides were elegant as the gazelle's, her skin tone was perfect, he smiled and placed his hands on his head,"Chai! Nwata na mma", he exclaimed.

In the cool evening, Amadioha returned with a package tied in plantain leaves. Anyanwu was still outside relaxing on the wooden reclining chair and drinking palm wine, immediately he saw Amadi, "Egbeigwe! Tawara! tawara! tawara!", he hailed him imitating somone shooting an arrow.
"Hmmmm.....Dike!" Amadioha replied as they exchanged pleasantries by slightly hitting their palms against each other's thrice.
"Nnoo!", Anyanwu welcomed him.
Amadioha looked at his brother and smiled. "Anya…

Grrrrraciano Enwerem releases powerful poetry audio tracks

Poet Graciano Enwerem is about to storm the poetry world just the same way hurricane Katrina stormed America, Lol. Hold on! Don't runaway, it's not going to be fatal, i assure you that you will love it.
On the 21st of March 2016, while poets all over the world shall be celebrated to mark World Poetry Day, the much anticipated audio files of the poems "12 Million Nonsense" and "What Nigerians Want" by Graciano Enwerem shall hit the mainstream.

  "12 Million Nonsense" by Graciano Enwerem is one of the most popular poems that made waves in 2014, especially in Nigeria. The poem bares not only the futility of the National Conference in Nigeria in March, 2014 but also highlights the corruption fecundity embellished therein. The poem, "12 Million Nonsense" amassed a perfect score (10-10-10) in the final round at War Of Words 3, a poetry slam organized by i2x Media and till date has remained one of the fans' favorite of all Graciano Enwer…

When your kids get robbed

He wobbled like a duck with his legs wide apart, his baggy knicker dancing to the tune of his walking steps. "Mami, here's the milo", he hands her the milo sachets and walks in the same manner back into the house, "but why is poo poo on your knicker?", his mother's question causes him to pause for a while. "I didn't know it came out" , his 8-year old voice replied.
"Hmmm..... Oloriburuku oshi, you did not know? How will you know with your big head?".

This is a constant scenario in most Nigerian homes. Some folks will read through this and laugh 'Oh African mothers! They are like that' but why are some mothers so insensitive?
That scenario was a real life experience of an 8 years old boy who had been raped countless times by a neighbour who had his shop opposite their house and had been warned not to talk about it or he would die.

Now, Parents! There's an old and re-emerging animal called a PAEDOPHILE, it could exist in y…

The murder of Miss Singaholic

I stretched my long frame on the entire lenght of my bed and my mind kept wandering as I waited for the flight to fantasy island. I was wondering how I had become this tall, as a kid I believed we grew taller when we are at sleep.

My gaze wandered around my dark room, clothes hung on the mobile wardrobe looking like blood-thirsty zombies, I laughed away the thought. Soon, I was about to board the long awaited flight then she sauntered into my room uninvitedly, I felt the presence of another fellow in my subconcious then opened my eyes to behold her.

"Are the ear muffs, net-screened doors and long night gown despite the terrible heat all objects to herald my coming?", she teased in her sing-song voice as she pranced about delightedly.
"How did you gain entrance in here, miss Singaholic?", I shot back at her with my best sleepy but blood-shot eyes.

She laughed heartily, "I go wherever I want to, you must be a dummy to ask such a question".

I swallowed hard …

Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 3

He was digging the ridges as sweat dripped from
his body effortlessly, suddenly he winced, he felt
his right thumb then with the aid of his left thumb
and index finger, he pulled out a tiny piece of
wood from his right thumb, letting out a grunt. He
felt the thumb again and nodded in satisfaction,
"Ndi ojoo!", he breathed with a sigh.
The sun was scorching, Anyanwu hated working
when the sun was hot but he didn't leave the
house on time because he had to cover the roof
with new palm fronds, he had always preferred to
leave home when his shadow would be behind

He was determined to finish the work on that
land but suddenly he heard some rustling among
the leaves on the adjacent land.
"Who is there?", he asked but he got no response.
The leaves continued to rustle, perhaps it might
be one naughty squirrel or rabbit, he thought.
Soon, the sound continued and he became afraid,
wielding his cutlass, he crouched to deal with
whatever thing it was befor…

Say something, I 'm giving up on you

The previous track was all beats and no lyrics, it could possibly have been the reason for my headache till it gave way for "Say something, I 'm giving up on you" by The Great world and Christina Aguilera.

By the day, Nigerian citizens give up on Nigeria. Even some of our brothers and sisters in 'Obodo oyibo' have vowed never to return. The exchange rate of the dollar to naira keeps increasing like the pace of a snake under a green grass, incessant insurgent attacks cripples national security,daily corrupt activities of government officials fill the dailies,violence rules the street and seems our economy has gone AWOL (Away. Without Leave).

I have been to a lot of seminars on youths taking over Nigeria as future leaders,bla bla bla. I have seen a lot of symposiums on creating leadership awareness among Nigerian youths but they are not effective.
Obviously we, the Nigerian youths have lost our compasses and don't know the direction to go but I believe there a…

See no evil, Hear no evil

Chioma emerged from their flat holding a pink skipping rope. "Ngwa o me kwanu", I muttered. Chioma could certainly cover the face of a bold and beautiful magazine and to make matters worse, she was pretty close to the earth, a height my late grandma 'd refer to as "Mkpo malt". I was eager to see her skip, I bet she never knew she had a spectator though I buried my head in a newspaper like James Bond would in a 007 series. So slowly she started, then her pace increased.

Yea! The fat chioma was skipping in different styles; front, back and sides. Her legs moved like the engine of a train. The best part was her eyes were shut and as soon as she opened her eyes to look down............ Her legs got caught in the tangled rope.

(2 Cor 12:9) And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness........

(Isaiah 41:14) Fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel; I will help thee, saith the Lord, and thy redeemer, the Holy…

Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 2

"Good tidings, I bring," Ekwensu said as he advanced. He was lanky with cocky eyes that had mischief embedded in them and legs that looked like ill-nutured yams.

"The last time you said those words, you came here to tell me that you were tired of learning the tricks of hunting,"Amadioha said.
"Well, certainly not today", Ekwensu replied and cleared his throat. Amadioha drank the last portion of palm wine in his cup then flung his hand over the soil as if to empty the cup of the very last drop of wine.
"Can I have some wine? " Ekwensu asked, looking at the gourd.
Anyanwu shot him an angry look. "How dare you drink with men who have toiled all day?"
Ekwensu was irked. "Amadi! Warn your brother o!"
Amadioha chuckled. "He speaks the truth but Nnaa give him even if its a cup."
Anyanwu bowed the gourd, poured out the wine and offered it to Ekwensu.

He sipped from the cow horn cup and exhaled. "I have though…

Aaaaa......aachoo! Facts about sneezing

Sneezing is a physiologic response to the irritation of the
respiratory epithelium lining of the nose.
It's a nerve transmission that tells your brain
something is in your nose that needs to come.

 When something enters your nose, you encounter a trigger that sets off your "sneeze center" in your
brain, located in the lower brain stem, signals are
rapidly sent to tightly close your throat, eyes, and
mouth. Next, your chest muscles vigorously
contract, and then your throat muscles quickly
relax. Therefore, air along with saliva and mucus is forced out of your mouth and nose. It happens in less than a second.

1. We close our eyes when we sneeze

2. It is medically known as sternutation.

3. Sneezes protect your body by clearing the nose of bacteria and viruses.

4. Sneezes are speedy. Sneezes travel at about 100 miles per hour and releasing about 100,000 germs in a single sneeze.

 So when next you sneeze, remember that no one is calling you from the Neither a …

Valentine for all times

"He just had to go", I yelled inside of me. Dele was too bossy and proud,the rest of the staff looked up to me to ensure he was fired. All I had to do was pull the manager into my seductive web and by morning, Dele would get his termination letter. Anyone who stood in my way always got burnt, I loved to revenge passionately and Dele was certainly not a sacred cow.

The subsequent monday was my birthday, I was hoping there would be a suprise cake or party for me but no soul even wished me a happy birthday. Work went on as every other normal day.
I bent to open my drawer then I saw a parcel with a note attached to it:

I boss you because I want you to be the boss
I have admired you since the day I knew you
Work has to get better but don't ever try to change you.
Lots of love

I wept like a baby, that was the only gift I got that day.
Dele was not sacked and they are now proud parents of three kids.

Don't you just love to love? #winks.
Love everyone, everyday!

Margaret Thatcher

Being employed in a new generation company is
not beans like my college roommate would say.
I stared into the small plastic mirror I had in my
palm and smacked my lips together to smear
my red lipstick well.
I stood up and tucked in my shirt properly.
Check! Check!
‘Good to go, girl!’ I breathed to myself and
I bent to my Louis Vuitton handbag and took my
Galaxy Tab. All thanks to the great lighting in the
office, a single click and a fabulous picture of me
splashed over the device’s screen.
I smiled, remembering what my grandmother
used to say that people look their best under an
air conditioner.
I peered through the window blinds and saw
Dave, smart as always in his crisp black suit,
coming in. A handsome twenty-eight-year-old
nobody would disagree is too young to be our
Head of Operations.
I have been trying to get his attention for the
past one month he resumed work with us, but
this has proved just as hard as finding a virgin
guy in Port H…

Ekwensu's Harvest


Void hollow as hades' pit occupied the universe, chilly sinister sounds hanged on the voidness, darkness cast its shadow across the face of the earth and there was nothing and her occupants. Chukwu peered over the face of the universe, it irked him that nothing had constituted the world. It was at this point that he made them dominate the earth for he said "the essence of living lies in the heart of creativity". At that time, gods became men, their feet kept the lonely earth company.

The sky rumbled but he was not going home yet, he stealthily followed the antelope, his eyes tracing her every step, it bent to graze and he sprang out chasing it like a maniac, soon he grasped his spear and tossed it into it's belly,it stopped abruptly then jerked for a while and gave up. He observed it to be sure that it was dead then lifted it unto his shoulders and headed back to the village.

He walked into his compound, dripping with sweat, his face was taut, his muscles …


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