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Ekwensu's Harvest


Void hollow as hades' pit occupied the universe, chilly sinister sounds hanged on the voidness, darkness cast its shadow across the face of the earth and there was nothing and her occupants. Chukwu peered over the face of the universe, it irked him that nothing had constituted the world. It was at this point that he made them dominate the earth for he said "the essence of living lies in the heart of creativity". At that time, gods became men, their feet kept the lonely earth company.

The sky rumbled but he was not going home yet, he stealthily followed the antelope, his eyes tracing her every step, it bent to graze and he sprang out chasing it like a maniac, soon he grasped his spear and tossed it into it's belly,it stopped abruptly then jerked for a while and gave up. He observed it to be sure that it was dead then lifted it unto his shoulders and headed back to the village.

He walked into his compound, dripping with sweat, his face was taut, his muscles as strong as the wine tapper's climbing rope, his dark skin was as the beautiful colour of the night sky.
"An animal that sees Amadioha in the forest and decides to play is one that is beckoning on death", Anyanwu announced as he dropped his hoe, Amadioha turned in suprise, his hands stained in the antelope's blood, "I thought I was the only one in the compound?"
"You were till I stepped in now, I suppose", Anyanwu informed him.
Amadioha continued to slaughter the animal, "Onwa came looking for you", Anyanwu told him.
"Hmmmm, if Onwa was the last maiden on earth, I will rather remain alone, she demands a lot and does not know how to respect a man", he pointed out.

Anyanwu chuckled and his body shook as well, he was fair and handsome like the rising sun, his lips as red as the inner parts of the udala fruit,"Mind you, she is your friend's sister".
Amadioha made a funny face," I will only marry a woman with virtue not one who lacks it".
Anyanwu shrugged his shoulders, he entered the obi and came out with a pot of palmwine. The two brothers drank while Anyanwu tried to wave off a fly, "Nna hapu ihe a, the fly makes the wine sweeter", Amadioha teased him.
"I pray you chew one soon", his brother said as they both laughed heartily.

He talked about how favourable the land had been and how it had yielded a large harvest of yams."Anyanwu, you may end up marrying all the maidens because you will be so rich"

"See who is talking... The women keep chasing after your huge and strong musc
les so you will be the one having a compound full of women"

They both laughed loudly, "ls anyone in this compound", a voice asked as he advanced.
"Who do we owe our greetings?", Amadioha asked.
"It's me .....Ekwensu!"


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