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Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 4

Anyanwu got home but Amadioha was not in the compound, "Amadi! Amadi!" but dead silence echoed a response. If there was something he needed at the moment, it was solitude. He sat back to fantasize about the maiden, she was all his ideal woman should be. Her smile radiated like the stars, her strides were elegant as the gazelle's, her skin tone was perfect, he smiled and placed his hands on his head,"Chai! Nwata na mma", he exclaimed.

In the cool evening, Amadioha returned with a package tied in plantain leaves. Anyanwu was still outside relaxing on the wooden reclining chair and drinking palm wine, immediately he saw Amadi, "Egbeigwe! Tawara! tawara! tawara!", he hailed him imitating somone shooting an arrow.
"Hmmmm.....Dike!" Amadioha replied as they exchanged pleasantries by slightly hitting their palms against each other's thrice.
"Nnoo!", Anyanwu welcomed him.
Amadioha looked at his brother and smiled. "Anyanwu, your countenance today is absolutely pleasant, what is the secret?", he asked.
"Amadi, what else gladdens a man's heart apart from prosperity and wine?", Anyanwu asked.
"Maidens", Amadioha answered
"I have found one", he replied with smiles.

"Oke nwoke!", Amadioha exclaimed as they exchanged pleasantries again in the former manner.
Anyanwu grinned from ear to ear, "I shall make her my wife", he informed his elder brother.
"Who is she?", Amadioha questioned
"The daughter of Ikuku", Ayanwu replied.
"Hmmm ..... Ikuku has a lot of daughters but for this one to catch your eyes, she must be special", Amadioha said excitedly.
"Indeed, she is", his younger brother affirmed
"Do you still intend to marry that his daughter that you had eyes on?", Anyanwu asked.
"Am not sure yet...... In the mean time, may Chukwu bless the union", Amadioha prayed
"Iseee", Anyanwu concurred.

Amadioha unwrapped the parcel of plantain leaves and displayed the roasted bush meat, "I brought this home at the right time, biko gbaputa mmanya ka anyi ta anu nchi a".
"You are as accurate as your arrow's target, bush meat and palm wine suits the moment", Anyanwu affirmed.

©Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer, 2016
Twitter: @jennieifeatu



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