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Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 5

He moved through his farm, making rustling sounds as his feet crumbled the dry leaves on the ground. He paced up and down looking tensed, 

"Does it mean that they don't need firewood today?", he soliloquized.

He sat on a huge mound of caked sand, tapping his feet against the ground nervously then he scratched his head and walked down the narrow path leading to the stream. 
When he got there, there were children filling their pots with water, he slowly climbed up the guava tree and relaxed on a branch. The children seemed unaware of Anyanwu's presence, it was better because he didn't want to attract their attention. Soon the area became quiet and he was contemplating on staying or going back home when he heard voices engaged in gossip and laughing loudly. He watched them from the branch, they were all maidens then he set his eyes on her and jumped down. 

Their eyes locked and he allowed a smile spill over his handsome face, "what are doing here?", she asked quietly

"Its obvious that I seek you", he said looking in her eyes.

"I don't want troubles", she warned him

"If trouble means seeking you, I'd rather be a trouble maker all my life", he told her and she laughed out heartily.

"I see you are as sweet-mouthed as the other men", she sneered.

"I have never talked to a maiden like this in my entire life, if I lie, may I not see daylight by tomorrow", Anyanwu sweared.

"Please! Don't do that", she pleaded.

"I will to prove to you that am not given to flatter", he explained as Ani cast her gaze on the floor and drew circles with her toes.

"Ani m! I wish I could call you that and be certain about it"

Then she laughed out softly, "Do you think that you are worthy of me?" 

He smiled faintly, "I am not a man of self-praise, I may not be worthy but you can make heart is like a poorly nutured flower that needs your love to blossom".

"Your words are too heavy for my young heart and my lips refrain to speak", she said softly

"Ponder upon it, fairest one and if your heart beats with the same rhythm as mine, please meet me here tomorrow by evening", Anyawu said with all seriousness and she nodded.

He tried to help her carry her water pot but she refrained him, "I have heard your words but I do not seek to raise eye brows, Go!", she told him.

She swayed her hips as she moved down to fetch from the stream, she turned and stole a quick glance then saw Anyanwu still watching her, she smiled mischieviously. She swayed it harder then turned back again but Anyanwu was gone.

©Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer, 2016
Twitter: @jennieifeatu



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