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When your kids get robbed


He wobbled like a duck with his legs wide apart, his baggy knicker dancing to the tune of his walking steps. "Mami, here's the milo", he hands her the milo sachets and walks in the same manner back into the house, "but why is poo poo on your knicker?", his mother's question causes him to pause for a while. "I didn't know it came out" , his 8-year old voice replied.
"Hmmm..... Oloriburuku oshi, you did not know? How will you know with your big head?".

This is a constant scenario in most Nigerian homes. Some folks will read through this and laugh 'Oh African mothers! They are like that' but why are some mothers so insensitive?
That scenario was a real life experience of an 8 years old boy who had been raped countless times by a neighbour who had his shop opposite their house and had been warned not to talk about it or he would die.

Now, Parents! There's an old and re-emerging animal called a PAEDOPHILE, it could exist in your brother, sister, family friend, househelp, gateman or someone who you could accord so much trust. Don't allow that animal maul your kids.
It can't harm you but it can destroy your kids physically, spiritually and psychologically.

When you observe things in your kids that seem abnormal, don't be too fast to lash out your frustrations on them, don't wave it away like a fly, sit down and have a chat with them.....find out what's wrong.
Your kids have no property or money but could be robbed of their innocence and chastity.
Oh! .... and you think probably because all your kids are boys, then they are safe? No way, Paedophilic gay men are on the prowl too... So what's good for the girl child applies to the boy too.

Kids who are victims of paedophiles could experience depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Physically the possibility of injuries and infections such as HIV and STD's can't be ruled out.

Paedophiles are sexually attracted to children and in order to keep your precious little darlings safe, this is what you should do:

*Don't be afraid to have the conversation.

* Educate them on the fact that their genital area is sacred and should not be touched by anyone.

* Try to help them understand the motives of peadophiles

* Finally, children should know the consequences of inappropriate sexual contact.

Prevention they say is better than cure but if it has occured already, ensure the kid is given medical attention, don't depend solely on the Nigerian police to seek justice. That slogan 'The police is your friend' in Nigeria is a 'limping man'.
Let organisations like Human rights organisation and International federation of women lawyer (FIDA) take up issues like that.

To be informed is to be fore warned!

©Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer, 2016
Twitter: @jennieifeatu



  1. Yeah. Observance, a trait parents must covet, seek and pray for.


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