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The escape route

His boss was a pain in the butt. She would complain about everything, he had thought about resigning countless times but he was yet to get a better offer.
Women! Women! Trouble and ingratitude is all you get from them. He banged his fists like a maniac against his steering and the horns blared out horribly. He was unaware of the scene he had just created as other drivers stuck in the traffic and passersby cast their odd gaze at him. He realized what his actions had caused then covered it up with a wave of hand and feigned smile.

An hour later, he was driving down his street. The air conditioner blew cool air yet his palms were sweaty. The traffic jam at Mile 2 had been three straight hours of frustration. Soon he drove into his compound, he saw her sitting at their doorstep.

"Not tonight", he muttered.

He turned off the ignition then advanced to the doorstep.

"Why didn't you sleep there?" She lashed out.

He took a deep breathe. "Baby, please not tonight, …

The head hunters

It seemed like the breeze had gone on recess, the atmosphere was hot. As hot as the coals one would use to roast corn and the sun shone as bright as if it was the last day it was supposed to appear. Chants, chatters and loud voices beckoning to the customers filled the air as men; women and children bought and sold their wares. The smell of smoked fish and probably grinded pepper tickled a customer’s nostril and she let out a loud monstrous sneeze, the little girls hawking sachet water for sale in basins glanced at her and giggled.

  A tall plump woman walked past mama Ekene’s stall and she beckoned on her “madam, come make I sell ugu for you”, the intending customer came close to mama Ekene’s stall, looked opposite and sighted a bunch of ugu that looked more fresh than the one she was about to buy.

“Customer! I go sell well, my own fresh pass that one”, the tiny looking woman opposite mama Ekene’s stall beckoned on the woman and within a blink of an eye, the woman swerved and headed…

How to tame your dragons

Let's say I walk into your office angrily, then grab your pen from your hands and leave (You were actually writing before I did that). Will you react or respond?
Are you still thinking about the answer? Please respond, don't react. Responding is a calculated form of dealing with issues or action.

Jesus knows this and applied it better.

Check out (Matt 8:24-25) 24 And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep. 25 And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we perish.

He could have screamed "Jesus!" but how can he even scream his own or scream "daddy!" and have God cover his face in shame and say "Oh my! Now look at what this boy is doing.

Instead this was his response to the situation

(Matt8:26-27) 26 And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.

One fifty five (1:55)

Ever since I moved to Lagos, I had looked for a place to be perfectly comfortable for me. All the previous places I had lived in always had one fault or the other that made them not just my 'perfect place'. Lately, my agent informed me about a new self-contained apartment, the building had good security, constant water supply and the electricity was not too bad for a Nigerian to manage as they say 'E go better'.

As fast as the Wi-fi in University of Nigeria Nsukka, I had paid the rent and moved in. So now each morning as I knot my tie and carry my brief case, I hold my head high. A cool residential area and house has a way of lifting your spirit and I now had this feeling of one living in El-dorado.

The week had been tedious, so I came back today from work with so much to be done and the deadline hanging loosely like an hangman's noose and waiting to strangle me. My fingers pranced like an antelope on the run on my Apple laptop keyboard while my middle finger pres…

Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 7

The stream obviously had no visitors that evening, the breeze was cool and the weeping willows close to the stream danced to the rhythm of the whistling wind. Anyanwu sat on the tree stump waiting for Ani, he had waited for long but was beginning to get impatient.
He stooped then picked fine-shaped pebbles and began to play a 'throw and catch' game, after the second round he began to lose hope. He paced around the bushy area nervously then he sat again, "Chukwu, how do I keep my heart still if she does not show up?", he soliloquized. "For the first time in my life, I feel that if a negative response lies ahead, my happiness may be marred", he continued.

Soon he paced a little more and looked up at the tree top and sighted two birds chirping in their nest, "I wish I could have a bond like yours but .........."

"But my heart beats with the same rhythm as yours", she announced as she interrupted him.

The look of uncertainity on hi…

How to be King Midas

Once upon a time when your throat got dry and you needed a refill, you 'd ask "Do you have Limca or Goldspot?". The folks of this new generation may think Goldspot is a name of a high ranking hangout but it's actually an old orange flavored drink like your Fanta, unfortunately its no longer sold and the reasons are best known to the manufacturers. She is that extinct sister of Brother Limca.

   I never liked the taste..... but guess what? I loved the commercial, everytime it aired on TV, I would fly over all the sofas to barge into the sitting room only to see it.

  Gold spot! The zing thing
  Gold spot! The zing thing
  Gold spot! Tanananana, Gold spot!

Lol, that was the lyrics of the commercial.

  Now,everybody hopes to strike gold someday, yea I know you are not a miner. The gold signifies your dreams but how long will it take you to get to your 'Gold spot'. I see it all over your face, you are not certain then why not be like King Midas.

King Midas is …

Demon on the pew

My typical day in Umuoke was pentagonal not everybody will be willing to live a triangular life. It was often from home to school to church to farm and eventually the football pitch. I was in S.S 2, so you could count me among the big boys, my family was not a rich one but we were happy people.

We were strict Roman catholics, one obligation every member of my family owed on a sunday morning was to attend morning mass and failure to do that was to attract my over-zealous father's wrath.

The new year had just begun and extended family members who had come back to the village during the yuletide period were preparing to go back to the city. Chief Uwaezuoke had promised to take me to the city to learn a trade, he was one of the biggest philanthropist in Umuoke. I was supposed to be his apprentice for seven years then get settled with capital to start my own business. It was the most unfair thing my father ever did to me, he would have allowed me to finish secondary school but he insis…

Uncle Protector alias The Predator

I once had a puppy named 'Mini. Mini was a maixed breed of a Bernese mountain dog and a German shepherd, she need not be a chihuahua to look cute. I was her protector when she was a puppy and her barks sounded more like a soundtrack for a cartoon. I never used harsh words on her or wielded any object against her until the day I eventually did, I observed her cartoon-like growl transform into a real bark. Obviously she thought her 'Aunty protector' had turned into a predator and she of course 'the prey'.

I bet you that you love my story but am not talking about dogs today. If you have been sticking your nose in the news headlines lately, you would notice that there has been a lot of military brutality against civilians ranging from the Police, Navy and Army (but the police are the ones deeply soaked in the mire). It seems these well trained and armed men go through the drilling and when they are eventually out, they test their skills on unarmed innocent civilians.

Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 6

   Amadioha stooped as he sharpened his cutlass, it kissed the coarse stone and made shrieking sounds even as it emitted tiny sparks of fire. Each shrieking sound from the cutlass caused the goats to bleat,they both created a weird yet rhythmic melody. The weather was a bit dull, the birds seemed to be flying back to their nests though it was just afternoon. He was apparently deep in thoughts till Ekwensu walked in.

"Sharp enought to make a head roll with a single blow", Ekwensu remarked.

Amadioha chuckled, "You know this man kills only animals, you are insane o"

Ekwensu made himself comfortable by sitting on the huge stone close to Amadi, "Not till I tell you that Ogbunaabali harvested the long awaited crops fourteen market days ago and has planted another one on your land", he quipped.

"That was so not our agreement", Amadioha thundered.

"But has it not happened?", Ekwensu sneered.

"Ogbunaabali must kill me tonight or…

After my neighbour

Episode 2

(Sequel to My Neighbour by Anita C Herbert)

I watched his hand hang as if he was offering me a glass of poison. He didn't take it back nor spoke a word.

How could this be possible? This guy has been my neighbour for three months or more and I don't even know. What else has he seen?

He should be singing along all my 'sad' blues playlist. He must have seen everything because those were moments I never cared about the world.

Nothing mattered to me, I just wanted to be alive at the mercy of God, whom I believe so much in.

Sure thing! I believe in God but only doubt how He works. Sometimes I wonder if He is really aware if some things, sometimes I wonder why things have to take long.

"I'm still here" Fred said to call me back to consciousness.

If I hadn't known Tony, I would have taken that hand, but there was something wrong with my neighbours. They just come and go and I remain lonely and heart broken.

My anger was boiling, but what did he do t…

After My Neighbour

Episode 1

(Sequel to My Neighbour by Anita C Herbert)

With days, weeks, months and just a year gone, my Neigbour and I started talking again but it was like reading a history book and pasting pictures of all the beautiful places you want to go on your fridge. Not that you can't go there, but you must not, so you can't.

Our romance became cordial and he told me how he struggled to move on. I could not tell him what I've been through, so I acted like a typical Nigerian Christian who always says it is well.

His name was Tony, a name I also vowed to give my son, if I  have one. I could still settle for Tonia if boys take time to come. I want to keep his memories fresh with me, I want to have him forever even when it was obvious he would be with someone else.

My Facebook inbox became a dumping ground for both married and single men who learnt the window was open. Every morning I stood in front of my door waiting for Tony to step out of his flat, but my neighbour was actually so…

#TheWinkChallenge: Exclusively for women

Are you a female writer or do you know someone who writes or you  just have a story to share with women to inspire or motivate them. Don't just seat there and read this........ Grab your pen and notepad, tab or Pc and let the world hear you.
The challenge is open to all women in Nigeria, articles can cover topics around family, love, business, health, lifestyle and trending issues. The story must be original and should not have been previously published anywhere infull or in part.(Published work is taken to mean published in any printed, publiclyaccessible form, e.g. anthology, magazine, newspaper. It is also taken to meanpublished online, with the exception of personal blogs and personal websites).

So what are you waiting for? Remember, it's exclusively for women!

Follow the link:

What you should know about awards

The Sun awards was glorious as people who stamped their feet in their different fields of endeavours were honoured. Personalities who were privileged to be awardees are: Chief Willie Obiano (The Sun governor of the year), Hajia Nana Shettima (most supportive first lady), Yemi Adeola (banker of the year), Amaju Pinnick (sports person of the year), Harrison Okiri a.k.a Harrisong (creative person of the year), Omoni Oboli (Nollywood person of the year),chief Vincent Obianodo, chairman of Chisco transport (Hospitality man of the year) and the list continues.....

The 13th edition of the Sun newspaper awards have come and gone but this girl is still here wondering 'who send them message?'. I have an idea that awards are given to those who merit it but who instigated this and made it become a norm.

We also know about the Oscar academy awards, Wimbledon awards, the FA cup, the grammy award, the billboard music award, the Hugo awards and more.

How did this thing about giving people gi…