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Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 6

   Amadioha stooped as he sharpened his cutlass, it kissed the coarse stone and made shrieking sounds even as it emitted tiny sparks of fire. Each shrieking sound from the cutlass caused the goats to bleat,they both created a weird yet rhythmic melody. The weather was a bit dull, the birds seemed to be flying back to their nests though it was just afternoon. He was apparently deep in thoughts till Ekwensu walked in.

"Sharp enought to make a head roll with a single blow", Ekwensu remarked.

Amadioha chuckled, "You know this man kills only animals, you are insane o"

Ekwensu made himself comfortable by sitting on the huge stone close to Amadi, "Not till I tell you that Ogbunaabali harvested the long awaited crops fourteen market days ago and has planted another one on your land", he quipped.

"That was so not our agreement", Amadioha thundered.

"But has it not happened?", Ekwensu sneered.

"Ogbunaabali must kill me tonight or he would have to feel thunder severe his skin from his bones", Amadioha lashed out furiously.

He picked his sharp-edged cutlass and dashed out of his compound to Ogbunaabali's while Ekwensu followed him like a fly would follow cow dung.

He forcefully pushed Ogbunaabali's raffia gate nearly pulling it down.
"Ogbunaabali! Come out before my wrath consumes you", Amadioha roared.

"Who has no fear to come into my compound and vomit insolence", questioned Ogbunaabali as he emerged from his hut.

Amadioha beat his chest, tossed and turned like a possessed maniac while trembling in furiousity, "So you even have the guts to talk", he raved.

"Amadi, you lack respect for elders, has it not dawnwed on you that I am not your mate?", Ogbunaabali asked him effortlessly with hands akimbo.

"Then earn respect if you want it! How could you have harvested the crops and planted a new set", Amadioha spat.

Ogbunaabali chuckled, "A new set of crops! With which strenght?", he examined his arms as if to check his muscular capacity. "By the way, who told you?", he asked.

"Ekw....", Amadi stuttered as he turned around and didn't see Ekwensu, just then Anyanwu barged into the compound breathelessly.

"Ekwensu told me that in confidence", Amadioha completed his intended answer.

Anyanwu looked from his brother to Ogbunaabali, "And you believed him?", the old man shot at him.
"And where is your informant",he asked but Amadi could only mumble an answer.

"He saw me giving out yams to Mmiri and concluded that I had harvested the crops and planted a new set.....Hmmmm!", he explained and put his hands behind his back. "Amadi, if I didn't know you, I would have said you drank too much wine", Ogbunaabali concluded.

Amadioha bowed in embarassment. "Please forgive my brother, he acted without even finding out the truth", Anyanwu pleaded on his brother's behalf.

Ogbunaabali sighed, "Very well, then, I owe it to youthful exhuberance", he said with a shrug.

"I am really sorry, Ogbunaabali ", Amadi apologised.

"Your apology is well accepted but remember, you borrowed me that land and I do not repay good with evil", he clarified himself and left them.

The two brothers walked out of his compound soberly with Anyanwu holding his elder brother's cutlass.

"I am ashamed,Anyanwu", Amadi confessed.

"Honestly, you should, you always allow your anger take total control of you" Anyanwu told him blatantly.

"It was all Ekwensu's fault", Amadi said lamely with pouted lips and obviously sulking like a child.

Anyanwu stole a quick glance at him, then rubbed his lower lip down to his jaws, "No! It is your's........ You listened to him".

Amadioha raised his head to take a look at his brother's taut face, he nodded in agreement as the two brothers walked in silence to their compound.

Then Amadioha swore and growled, "Ekwensu must pay for this....."

©Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer, 2016
Twitter: @jennieifeatu


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