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The escape route

His boss was a pain in the butt. She would complain about everything, he had thought about resigning countless times but he was yet to get a better offer.
Women! Women! Trouble and ingratitude is all you get from them. He banged his fists like a maniac against his steering and the horns blared out horribly. He was unaware of the scene he had just created as other drivers stuck in the traffic and passersby cast their odd gaze at him. He realized what his actions had caused then covered it up with a wave of hand and feigned smile.

An hour later, he was driving down his street. The air conditioner blew cool air yet his palms were sweaty. The traffic jam at Mile 2 had been three straight hours of frustration. Soon he drove into his compound, he saw her sitting at their doorstep.

"Not tonight", he muttered.

He turned off the ignition then advanced to the doorstep.

"Why didn't you sleep there?" She lashed out.

He took a deep breathe. "Baby, please not tonight, he pleaded.

"Bae gini?", she retorted in animous furiousity. "You,Filthy cheat! Where are you coming from?" She yelled.

He gestured at her to keep quiet. "I am coming from work.... Keep your voice low"

She stared at him with disgust. "I knew you would lie", she broke down in sobs and held on to his tie with all her might nearly strangling him.

He managed to break free from her grip, dashed to the car and sped off

"Come back here, Damian!", she screamed into the air.

He had been raised by a single mother and had hoped to find bliss in his own marriage. He knew about the ills of wife battering, his mother had been his irresponsible father's punching bag.
Lola had always been a good lady during their courtship but after their first child, she pulled off her face mask.

"How do I make her understand that its not every well-built handsome looking man that cheats", he yelled as he struggled with the steering to take a swift swerve and avoid an impending collision with a Honda truck.

Lola had made him leave the house tonight, it was just better he did it. He had to see his crush, the only one who he would desire to kiss in a rush.
He parked the car, alighted and ran into her house like a helpless puppy. He longed to touch her yet he must pay to feel this touch. He gave a flimsy excuse and laid his hands on her.

Her body was cold perhaps due to the harmattan, he caressed her and their lips brushed. He unbuckled his belt and took full taste of her over and over again.

"Sir, we don't sell on credit ..... Your money, please!", the bartender requested in a calm tone. He fumbled through his pockets for money then turned around to see Lola.

"Yeye man, I knew you would be hiding here", her exasperated voice echoed in his head and he fainted.


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Heads up, people! 

Walking into a shop to purchase an item does not look appealing to me anymore. This is one of my decisions for the new year being that if something is not worth it then there is no point buying it especially trying to impress another fellow. 

I have chosen to stick to buying experiences rather 'things.' One of my observation is that experiences cannot be stolen or compromised. They stick like your gum sap sticks to a tree. 

So maybe before you buy that expensive Emporio Armani wristwatch or Jimmy Choo shoes, it might be imperative to checkmate if there are experiences that same amout can buy you. Don't get me wrong, it is as clear as crystal that you need to shop for clothings, food, phones or luxury from time to time but bear in mind that your happiness can't be tied to any item. That vibe you get is nothing but a fleeting one . 

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Jim Rohn had his opinion that "If you don't like where you, change it. You are not a tree." Kingsley Agorua had looked around where he found himself and decided to change it to suit his taste through his lens.

My earliest contact with Kingsley should have been in 2012 when I was a student at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. I spotted him at an event on campus where he was taking photographs.

Little did I know that I would bump into him again at my faculty - The School of Health as a student. I was curious as to what a photographer was doing in my faculty during lecture period. Time will reveal that he was a student too who was madly in love with his camera. This was all before the advent of traditional or nearly compulsory bridal showers, baby showers and pre-wedding shoots in the Nigerian Creative Industry.

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Valentine for all times

"He just had to go", I yelled inside of me. Dele was too bossy and proud,the rest of the staff looked up to me to ensure he was fired. All I had to do was pull the manager into my seductive web and by morning, Dele would get his termination letter. Anyone who stood in my way always got burnt, I loved to revenge passionately and Dele was certainly not a sacred cow.

The subsequent monday was my birthday, I was hoping there would be a suprise cake or party for me but no soul even wished me a happy birthday. Work went on as every other normal day.
I bent to open my drawer then I saw a parcel with a note attached to it:

I boss you because I want you to be the boss
I have admired you since the day I knew you
Work has to get better but don't ever try to change you.
Lots of love

I wept like a baby, that was the only gift I got that day.
Dele was not sacked and they are now proud parents of three kids.

Don't you just love to love? #winks.
Love everyone, everyday!