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What you should know about awards

The Sun awards was glorious as people who stamped their feet in their different fields of endeavours were honoured. Personalities who were privileged to be awardees are: Chief Willie Obiano (The Sun governor of the year), Hajia Nana Shettima (most supportive first lady), Yemi Adeola (banker of the year), Amaju Pinnick (sports person of the year), Harrison Okiri a.k.a Harrisong (creative person of the year), Omoni Oboli (Nollywood person of the year),chief Vincent Obianodo, chairman of Chisco transport (Hospitality man of the year) and the list continues.....

The 13th edition of the Sun newspaper awards have come and gone but this girl is still here wondering 'who send them message?'. I have an idea that awards are given to those who merit it but who instigated this and made it become a norm.

We also know about the Oscar academy awards, Wimbledon awards, the FA cup, the grammy award, the billboard music award, the Hugo awards and more.

How did this thing about giving people gigantic or tiny cups which they never use to drink coffee or tea begin? It rather sits majestically on a shelf or table and adds glory to its enviroment.

Awards are prizes given to somebody for a feat they have achieved or something they have done exceptionally well. It is believed that giving out awards can be dated to as far back as 1513 in ancient Greece and Rome.

In ancient Greece, the winners of the Olympic games initially received no trophies except laurel wreaths. Later the winner also received an amphora with sacred olive oil. In local games, the winners received different trophies, such as a tripod vase, a bronze shield or a silver cup.
While in ancient Rome, money usually was given to
winners instead of trophies.

Today, awards and trophies are given all over the world. They come in forms of gold, silver, bronze, glass and even wood. Oooooops, lest I forget, they come in variety of shapes. So next time you see someone receiving an award, don't grumble. Walk your way to the top and clinch yours.

©Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer, 2016
Twitter: @jennieifeatu


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