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The things that happen on the high way

He pushed the window back to receive fresh air
as the bus sped off the wet road.
His face wore a reminiscent smile as he thought
about all the activities and events that had
happened at the Orientation Camp: the new set
of people he had come to call friends, the
numerous visits to the mammy market, the
early morning drills and the endurance trek.
He slid his finger across the screen of his mobile
phone, going through the pictures that he had
taken during the period.
His face beamed with smiles.
The bus halted for a passenger to alight.
He called out to a hawker across the road.
Without minding to look out well for
approaching vehicles, the young boy sped
across the road to sell his wares.
“Always look well before crossing the road,” he
said to the boy as he paid him for what he
The boy nodded, hastily—he was more
concerned in collecting the money he was
extending and passing him his change.
Without warning, the driver zoomed off and the
poor boy had to complete the transaction…

Revenge strategies against your Thomases and haters

Now, before you say '"Tufiakwa! God forbid, I am a christian". For your information, I am not a muslim either....Lol.

Who is a hater? In my own definition, a hater is a tool that spurs you to higher heights and unknowingly is your biggest fan.

Now do you have that person who sees you as a never-do-well? Who envies you and slashes you to pieces with just his or her tongue?

Hmmmm.... Yea, I can see your anger fueling and your muscles twitching as we prepare for revenge but take a chill pill and exhale. We won't need to get into the gym and have our muscles grinded in push-up's.

The best revenge for such folks is to get better at what you do. Add more to what you have already done. Be so good at what you do that they will have no other option than to celebrate you unawares. They would look at you with glinted eyes and follow you like the fly follows dung simply because they have no option.

As for the Thomases, they will be forced to believe in you.

So when you think…

Altering the default setting

I once belonged to a school of thought that says that one ought to know evil before you deduce what is good. Now, I tell myself that I was wrong.
Sometimes we sow and nurture idealologies only to find out that they were wrong, so what do you do when that happens? Drop it in the trash can.

Do you remember the Lassar fever scare? Yes! You do. Everyone fled from our beloved garri as if it was leprosy.
It was at this point that I had the greatest craving to drink garri, mind you its not like it was something I loved to consume but the crave came with a very strong force.

Lessons I picked from this include that man is rebellious and that you cannot crave for what you don't have an idea about especially in my context.

Let me show you something;
Genesis 3:5 -  For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

Genesis 3:7-  And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sew…

Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 9
The three men walked in silence, each of them absorbed in their thoughts. Ekwensu struggled to drag the stubborn goat who seemed reluctant to continue the journey.
"Mmeeeeeee! Mmeeeeee!" It would bleat at intervals and resist the pulling force of Ekwensu's hands.
Anyanwu and Amadioha cast their glances at their friend and his struggle with the goat and burst out in laughter.
"Ekwe! I am beginning to wonder if you are the one dragging the goat or if the goat is actually dragging you", Anyanwu teased.
Ekwensu hissed and let out a growl, "This goat is too stubborn".
Amadioha chuckled, "That is why it is a goat".  "Let's exchange", he handed Ekwe the palmwine gourd and collected the rope encircled around the goat's neck. Anyanwu carried the tuber of yams tied together with taut strings of raffia rope.
"Ehen! Amadi, you better not stand like an iroko tree today o ...... You must show Ikuku that we are known for ma…

Upgrade Avaible! Do you need one?

Have you ever been complimented with the words "Forever young". In the sense of fashion and looks, it seems glamorous but if you are not scared of aging with grace, it should keep you thinking. You need that growth.

Once in a while you recharge your mobile phone and upgrade the old version of your anti-virus, facebook, whats app or black berry messenger app, that is a nice thing to do. So you upgrade your software and applications then sit like Humpty-Dumpty on a wall without an upgrade for yourself? Receive my sympathy.

Every season, young energetic players spring up in the world of soccer but the older lions like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are not chased back into the jungle because they are constantly engaged in training and upgrading themselves. No matter how good you are at what you do, everyone needs an upgrade.
It could come in form of reading, carrying out research work, more hours of practice, creating a larger network (your network often directs your net wo…

Ekwensu's Harvest

Episode 8

Ekwensu tip-toed through the bushy path and looked in every angle to
avoid being spotted. As he got to the end of the bush path, he heard a
rustle and turned around in fright but there was no one or anything in
sight. He proceeded to walk down the path.

"Hiyaaaaaa!", that was all he heard and felt strong arms grip him from behind.

"Ewo! Biko!", he yelled.

The strong arms lifted him and tossed him on the ground nearly
breaking his bones.

"Why have you been avoiding me, Ekwe?", the voice sounded as familiar
as his own.

"Amadi! Please, I am sorry", he pleaded.

"You will only be sorry when I am done with you", Amadi spat in
infuriation. "Why didn't you confirm it before you  told  me and made
a fool out of me.

He pulled his arm behind his back and Ekwe winced in pain. He managed
to slip from Amadioha's grip and took to his heels like a scared
rabbit. Amadi chased him with furious energy while panting like a