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Boomerang 1

  I was on the fifteenth push-up and thinking of quitting, I shook off the thought and continued till I got to the twentieth and stopped. Sweat trickled down my face, armpits and biceps like water escaping from a cracked rock as my sweat glistened my skin with it's moisture. I walked straight into the wash room.

I turned the faucet,splashed water on my face and stared at the mirror. I might look fierce due to my broad chest, hairless head and wolverine beards but I certainly had eyes that melted the heart. I headed to the kitchen, made myself a cup of coffee and as I lifted the mug to my lips, I felt my phone vibrate.

Strange number! Who could this be? I picked.

"Hello, am I speaking with Thomas Badmus?", the person at the other end inquired
"Who am I speaking with?", I asked.

"This is Golgotha security holdings, your resumee has been picked by one of our clients, please can you come in for briefing?"

"Uhmmmm,sure! I will be there in the next one hour", I replied.

As I dressed up, I smiled at the thought of Thomas Badmus as a name. My real name was Olufemi Adesanya till I decided to trust and believe nobody so I became Thomas Badmus.

I was redirected to go to my proposed employer. I was seated on a black leather sofa and my shoes kissing the bright cream colored tiles. Why on earth won't a politician's house look this posh and fabulous, I pondered within me.

 Then he emerged in his swinging agbada and matching cap "Oh, Thomas! Welcome".
A plump man with a pot-belly whose belly made vigorous movements when he chuckled.

 I shook hands with him and I felt my heart froze then went on a journey not a deja vu, a very familiar one that proved to me that we had met before.

"Sit down,please", he beckoned.

We sat as he scrolled across his expensive Apple tab, "You speak English, French and German fluently?"

"Yes sir!"

"Hmmm......impressing! You are well trained in martial arts, once won an award for lightweight boxing, formerly with the German navy..... Why did you quit?"

"I was expelled for misconduct", I bent my head to avoid his large eyes.

"Its ok, at least am not a military man and those things are not my interest", he chuckled.

"If you say so sir" , I managed to reply.

"Am sure your agents briefed you about your salary, Efe the head of the convoy security will give you information on our code of conduct here and you are my personal bodyguard henceforth".

"Thank you sir! I promise to do my best".

Wherever Chief Obiogbolu was. I was sure to be there. Politicians live like chickens, they were always frightened that someone somewhere was ready to snuff life out of them.

The following week, we were at his political party's campaign in one of the northern states. The atmosphere had been rowdy with chants of the party's name by supporters and hungry masses who looked forward to the meagerly 500 naira notes being flung around which they jostled for like hungry dogs however everywhere became cool when Chief Obiogbolu ascended the stage as the party secretary to give his remark.

The northerner's had never been in support of having a southerner like Obiogbolu for the post of the party's secretary.

Another thing I feel that travels fast apart from light is sight. I caught a quick glimpse of him from afar, he walked through the crowd lazily in a flowing gown, a mean-looking man, he made a suspicious movement then pulled out a .44 magnum revolver............................

To be continued

©Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer, 2016
Twitter: @jennieifeatu


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