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Boomerang 3

I lowered my head and we locked lips. I tried to pull away but she pulled me in the more. I smiled and disengaged myself from her hold.

She looked displeased, "Why did you stop?"

"Ma'am! I don't think this is right", I told her with confidence.

"Why? I have waited and longed for this moment. Or are you the 21st century Joseph who is scared of ......"

"Potiphar,I presume", Chief chipped in as he stepped in unannounced and applauded the witnessed performance.

"Kate Winslet or Jennifer Aniston? I see you make a fine love scene actress", he continued.

"Chief, I.........", I was cut short by a way of his hand.

His eyes burned with fury, he looked at her with utter disdain. "A dog will always remain a dog", he sneered and spat on her face then walked out on us.

Confusion was the only thing I could put my hands on. Madam walked away too and I was left to anticipate what would happen next.

The silent treatment had …

Helping hands or holding hands?

It was just last week. I set up a quiz for the pupils I teach. Teaching had never been something I looked forward to but it found me. I can tell you that despite I find myself standing in front of a board each morning, I feel more like I am learning.

So, the doubts of if I relished teaching fizzled away. The experience has been fresh and worthy.

I had two groups namely A and B consisting of three pupils each for the quiz. The pupils in group A were more of the intelligent stock and group B, I called them the average stock.

Once we kicked off, group A had earned eight points leaving group B at two points.

"We will finish you, people today", Vincent snarled. He is one of the smartest kids you 'd ever meet, a fast rising Chike Obi breed and the sole provider of the answers coming from his camp. I was tempted to caution him not to talk that way to them but I restrained myself and kept watching the unfolding drama. Group B seemed to have lost hope, they all had a shadow of gl…