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My first killing spree

I stared at him with intense anger. So this is it. How could he decide to invite himself into our home and begin to turn my once perfect life into a once upon a time fairy tale. He squinted his tiny eyes probably to reduce the amount of light rays entering his eyes and smacked his lips. I had been watching him for a while, his palms were always folded. What did he have in his palms that he did not want anyone to see? He will not hide it forever, I had been planning a hostage take over to see what he has been hiding in his palms by force. I am Nnanna and most likely not my parent's favourite."No you don't get to drink tea three times a day any more. Okwy needs more milk", she would oppose each time I whined about wanting to drink tea.
No more cartoon network because Okwy is sleeping and shouldn't be woken up. I get to stay thirty minutes longer in school before I get picked simply because Okwy needs attention. It is ok to throw tantrum, it is just a way to exercis…