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My first killing spree

I stared at him with intense anger. So this is it. How could he decide to invite himself into our home and begin to turn my once perfect life into a once upon a time fairy tale.

He squinted his tiny eyes probably to reduce the amount of light rays entering his eyes and smacked his lips. I had been watching him for a while, his palms were always folded. What did he have in his palms that he did not want anyone to see? He will not hide it forever, I had been planning a hostage take over to see what he has been hiding in his palms by force. I am Nnanna and most likely not my parent's favourite.

"No you don't get to drink tea three times a day any more. Okwy needs more milk", she would oppose each time I whined about wanting to drink tea.
No more cartoon network because Okwy is sleeping and shouldn't be woken up. I get to stay thirty minutes longer in school before I get picked simply because Okwy needs attention. It is ok to throw tantrum, it is just a way to exercise yourself. Who cared? Everybody's attention seemed to be on Okwy.
Mummy? She was no longer the woman I used to know.

Was it not my wish? Of course it was. I was the one who wished for a sibling, I wanted a girl I could protect and now, Okwy came knocking.

I wanted someone who I could talk to but Okwy happened to be nothing but a bald headed baby who wore diapers all day, ate, slept and babbled. Maybe I shouldn't have made that wish.

"Ta da! Ta da! Ta ta!", he would babble meaningless words after grabbing all the attention and making me feel like a lone ranger. I love saturdays, it is a day to stay at home, kick my ball and stay away from Miss Petrolina,my class teacher who would often reduce by ration of indomitable Indomie by helping herself from my Ben ten lunch pack.
Cartoon network was showing my favourite.

Just when Mojo Jojo was about to carry out his mischief, my favourite power puff girls arrived to teach him a lesson, I laughed at his disappointment. Power puff girls was one of my favourite. I stretched my back like Major,our puppy
often did then my stare strayed to Okwy suckling on mummy's breast.
Ding! A thought sprung in my head. I crept like an ominous minion and hovered around Okwy.

Mummy's eyes were closed in a nap. I licked my lips at the thought of sweet revenge. He moved his mouth away from her breath, looked at me for a while and continued sucking like I was not even standing there. What insolence!

I looked around then listened to hear daddy's footsteps but the coast was clear. I moved closer and removed his mouth from the breast. He let out a cry and I laughed in sheer glee of my achieved revenge. My laughter ended with me crying myself to sleep when I received a slap from mummy the moment her eyes flung open.

"Nnanna! I don't love you lesser than I love Okwy. You just have to understand that he is still a baby that is why he needs more attention", mummy would try to pacify me.

"Its not true. Everybody loves Okwy and no one loves me",I would grumble.

I had told Funsho, our next door neighbour about it. All he gave me was a more disappointing suggestion to try and love my brother more. No way! I was not going to do that.

Monday came in swift steps. The weekend had been very short but the best part was that it was a public holiday. I sat down to finish the remaining part of my home work.

"Yaaaaaa! Yaaaaa!", Okwy yelled. Why was he crying? His cry became louder. "Hmmmmm!",I sighed.
I stood up, adjusting my shorts with my small hands and headed to the direction where I heard his cry. There he was at the verandah surrounded by soldier ants. His arms were red,it was obvious they had stung him.

I felt fury rise to its peak level in me. I scooped him out and pulled off his clothes then carried him inside. Those things won't be left unpunished. I dashed to put on my Nike kicks and get a broom.

"Its show time", I whispered with a wicked grin on returning back to the verandah. I trampled on them with the strong soles of my shoe and every single blow from my broom crushed the tiny stinging creatures.

Few minutes later, I stood and watched the ground with their almost invisible carcasses.

"Next time, you will think twice before stinging my brother", I remarked and dusted my palms.
"They won't dare when Okwy has a strong elder brother", that was mum. I stopped in shock only to also freeze when I saw dad tilt his head to announce his presence.
They had been there all the while.

"Paaaa paaa! Paaa paaaa!", Okwy called me in his babyish voice. I hugged and carried him.
I wanted my family's attention but I got my neighborhood's attention. Stories have wings, so they fly. I am now the perfect big brother model. As for Okwy,he will be joining me in school soon.


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