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Was there a country?

A torn wrapper and creaking bed
Was what your better-half left
A widow forced not to weep
Yet you muffled sounds
Familiar buttocks sat upon your trachea
No air! You can't breathe or speak
Through the tunnel you pushed your headMalnourished legs strive to balance
Gravity pulls them to the ground
Red earth licks your feet
It's a ploy
She lures you into quicksand's armsYour co-wife despises you
She gifts you a load of care
On your feeble neck
Poisoned leaves dipped in honey
Your flesh is the game
The arrows are drawnWas it through the wilderness you eloped?
Into your children she dug her claws
Claws sharper than an eagle's
Those beautiful eyeballs went blind and sore
Venom from her fangs leaked into their blood stream
The yellow sun's blood that spilled into the 1966 red streamStarved bloated bodies and livers
Bullet riddled frames that makes the spine shiver
On the altar of genocide
National genes could not stand side by side
Your sons laid painted in ointment of br…

The heart wants what it wants

THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTSIs time still the old time?
Does the moon still peep and bid the sun bye?
Do buds still push open their orifice and spit flowers?
I count seasons in the sun
You went away for too long
Light left my eyes
What is the pride in sight?Does the red cock still crow?
Does the breeze still pout his lips and whistle the name of trees?
Do you still hear the sound of the thunder's arching eye brow?
All these i do not know
Do you still hear the footsteps of rain drops on brown roofs?
Or perhaps the clickety-clock symphony of horses hoofs?
You went away for too long
Sound left my ears
What is the pride in hearing?Does the taste of honey still gladden the tongue?
Do the flowing rush of water still overwhelm the bowels?
Is nectar still the reason why ladybirds dance?
Do houseflies still kiss pollen grains as they carelessly swing their hips?
You went away for too long
Taste left my lips
What is the pride in taste?Sight was the wild card
Sound was the one who went away