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Roasted modesty

They say
If flabby breast  take over pointed breast
What a flabby world, we 'd live in
When a beardy jaw takes over a smooth jaw
What a beardy world we 'd live in
When the old hags take over the young
What a haggard world it 'd be

Woooooooo! The sinister wind blows
The red anus of the chicken opens
Layers of buried emerging faeces unfolds
The ancient turn in their graves
The smell of even juvenile fart crumbles the airways

Tiny ankles tied with anklets
Fig-like limbs adorned with trinkling trinkets
Clothed naked bodies parading madness
When modesty is roasted
Charred remains of sanity is for breakfast

Loosely hanged trousers on black toned buttocks
Cursed is clothing
Blessed is nakedness
Upon the accursed firestand
We roast chopped barbecue modesty

The itching blouse

Doctor Blackky

Old Father Lie

Hidden among bulrushes with a set trap Come! Come! Enticed feet stray pass the landmark Dangling bait here and there The carnivorous toothed trap snaps
As old as creation He roams the surface The surface that inhabits the face of breathing faces The passed through the dusty phases The predator! He stalks them, he paces
Like a roaring lion, he stalks in circles Tail-flinging careless beast Yet tact like an eagle His feet sprinting without the blow of a beagule
A mane-wearing serpent Kisses and hisses He blows to the cochlea Till the heart steals the ears moment of stardom
An attentive heart Transfixed as a sculpture Till it quakes and vibrates Luring sense organs into a dance An unlawful sensual dance accompanied with obstinate throbbing drums Who shall pluck out their feet?
This dance is a war This war is a dance Stiff unwanting frames yielding to a strange dance Warriors wriggling flesh at the war front Sheathed swords creating rhythm Helmets trampled upon dust An air strike of arrows Buries the dancing warriors i…