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Lopound Virus 2

I entered my compound and banged the gate behind me. I walked to my door and inserted the key into the door hole then I caught a glimpse of a dark shadow that ducked. Could it have been my imagination? I turned the key to unlock the door and felt a pair of palms cup my eyes.
There had been no supply of electricity. The black out just gained extra momentum.

 I felt the palms then the softness of the palms and familiar cologne gave her away.


She giggled as she released my tired eyes that she had held captive.

"Why did you refuse picking my calls all through the day?", I feigned annoyance.

She wore a mischievious smile, "Uncle police! So I am now to blame for a malice you started... eeehhh??"

The thought of the title 'uncle police' was hilarious.

"Oya, am sorry. I was only joking. How can I tell you not to talk to me again and you believed. I will die without you"

"Hmmmm! You and your sugar-coated tongue", she smiled, dre…

The sun does not scorch

I will sit on the pyramid where I will be seen by you only
At dusk my tears flowed
Without restrain like a waterfall
You chastised me
O! With your burning sensation

How I hated you
How I wanted to lift my head up and grace your your face with spittle
Your rays ate up my energy
I couldn't breathe
But it filled me with a strange yet more firm energy.

I was bore of you
Your words I chewed
Letting the lumps crawl down my throat and enlarging my belly with a new feeling
A feeling of longing yet satisfying

My sight is renewed
If this is what you want me to see
Blind me with your rays
Let me at the sight of your rays gasp

I was told you give vitamins
Is this the means?
I have walked on red hot coals
My feet are adorned with                           non-flammable soles
I leap, lean in for his embrace and touch
Alas! The sun does not scorch.

Lopound Virus 1


 June, 2020.

It was a usual Monday morning at the United World Organization (UWO) regional office at Lagos. Employees walked like robots, every figure busy with his or her own tasks, nerdy eyes glued to their computer screens as their fingers pranced like hares on their keyboards. Men and women all dressed in suit and engrossed in their tasks. Their workaholic figures hidden behind their individual cubicle.

I marveled at the site for a while then continued to mop the stairs. Just then, two hefty men brushed passed me in brisk motions that would have sent me tumbling down the stairs if not for my breakfast of fufu and bitter leaf soup that kept my feet on the ground. As I regained my balance, I wondered why they were in so much hurry as to obliterate every sense of courtesy.

Few minutes later, they dragged Jackson down the stairs in handcuffs. What has he done? Why the public show of shame? The whole office was filled with murmurs and hushed whispers. I picked the mop then scu…

Miss Man

A birthday mate of the rain
Existing before the occurrence of the reign
Of optic fibres
Ground intruding electric wires
She lived and lubricated the terrains
Of hidden deep earth-embedded maze

Flowing through the creeks
Into the pockets of those with colours of the greeks
Economy draining into the sink
Even before the next blink

Our sales done in ecstasy
Has defecated nemesis
Is selling our black gold the basis;
To keep Azikiwe's legacies?

Fishes in the caskets down the river
Children with bloated bellies that can't deliver
the chill of black liquid on red earth makes it shiver
Sniff! Doom is here, who will deliver?

Upon her never-oiled back we hanged
now, we fall like weightless rags
Boma's oil spat a boomerang
Ring! Ring! Her phone rang;
"Not available," her network sang
The black liquid no longer exist under the sand

Wife of the red earth
You flirted with the deep sunken rod
Your value, Miss Man has gulped
Algebraic and Socratic heads yet to learn to calculat…