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Rosey Couture: The making of a fashion empire

Oprah Winfrey quoted that "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." Our #ShowcaseThursday guest is as passionate about fashion as she is about food.

Alia Bhatt further advices "Whatever you do, do with determination. You have one life to live; do your work with passion and give your best. Whether you want to be a chef, doctor, actor, or a mother, be passionate to get the best result."

Let's slide into the world of Eke Rosemary, a Quantity Surveyor who has found love in Fashion and Designing.

In her own words "My Inspiration first of all was being independent, I started learning and discovered a burning passion for making clothes. Well, It hasn't been easy, been difficult given the fact that the Nigerian economy doesn't really encourage entrepreneurs but passion, determination to make it and willingness to learn has kept me going."

Word of advice? (She laughs softly) I  have not gotten to where I want to…

Man of Steel comes to town

Hippocrates affirmed that if we could give every individual the right amountof nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.

Meet Harry Fitt. His  fitness journey started in 2011, during his first year in the university.

After a year of working out, he made a big transformation, went from skinny to a stud with a great physique.

That's when people started approaching him  and complimenting him  for his training routine and  enquiring if they could workout with him.

Hear his words "I actually was never interested in the fitness world, till my friend one day insisted that I follow him to the gym, that one day changed my whole life

After that workout, I felt something within that I've never felt before
It became an everyday ritual for me, it was my new addiction
My body was responding to the training, I was getting results very fast

Of course, I was putting them through, but it wasn't easy looking at the fact tha…

Lopound Virus 3

Professor Mbakwe had been a father figure to me when I was still in school.

He advised me to stay back when I was on the verge of leaving school but my hopes seemed bleak, so I left. It was a miracle that he was spending part of his sabbatical leave in Lagos. It was quite unlike him. The usual thing for him was to fly without wasting time to his favorite holiday spot.

Have you ever heard that once you bag a Ph.d, you begin to act abnormal? It may not be true about every professor but Prof was an eccentric man whose pot belly contained all the hamburgers that he had ingested during his stay at the Yale university. He rarely kept his beards but his moustache looked like a curved arc. I could affirm that he looked like the cartoon villain in the story of Peter Pan but Prof was a man with a large heart.

I arrived at his office. It was located a few poles away from Lawanson bus-stop. What was he doing in Surulere, I supposed he would have chosen an area like Lekki to locate  his office bu…

Unic cakes 'n' more: The wonder confectionary hand

Arnold Schwarzenegger says "For me, life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer."
Our Showcase Thursday guest of today has always been hungry of being an employer of labour. This influenced her decision to grow her own empire.
Iroanya Judith Amarachi is the brain behind Unic Cakes 'n' more. A graduate of food science technology from the prestigious Federal university of technology, Owerri.
Hear her words. "It started as a result of my passion for good food. It was during my service year, after all the talks and seminar  on skill acquisition, I decided to venture into it fully. Though I tried getting a job but to know avail. I always wanted to be an employer and not an employee."
Unic cakes 'n' more makes tasty cakes and pastries. They also cater for all occasion.
She  can be reached through
Facebook : Unic cakes 'n' more.
Instagram : unic_ cak…

Is Iscariot a specie of carrot?

Destruction and perdition reign in pools
Bubbling in ripples and fighting cohesive force
Plunge in! The force says
Brother, what is your take?
Eyes and hands fitted to a bag
Conscience rejected like an old hag
Sons of sons of Simon
Pouting lips in treacherous kisses

The heart is a bathroom
Letting all in to bath
A bath that leaves you covered in blood;
even naked Beelzebub
A little greed that ignite sinister bulbs
The horse at the stream who refused to drink
Did you run the cart into the ditch?

Does the slave sell his master?
Is thirty all  there is to life?
Was Aceldama calling out to you?
Invoking upon her altar your once disciplined soul?
What do the goods in your stall portray?
Could it be what I have heard or goods on Bee Trays?
Could Iscariot have been a specie of carrot?

Love Faces

So how do I possibly want a want that leaves me in want?
Kneel and pray to be a prey who at the face of its predator stays
Oh! How you consume me
Have all of me
Till there remains no me in me

I do not marvel at how you make my angels stay
But how do you send my demons away?
Does heaven blink and eat?
Did you come in place of it?

With you, my heart is a lagoon
Calm and flooded with a collection of love-drops
At your presence even the sun's heartbeat stops
Let me hide what we share in his unbreakable cocoon

Sit on the moon, let's make love faces
Face that 'd never know phases
For us, they will search through places
Only you and I know where this place is

Access Innovation Concept: From errand boy to big automation boy

According to Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria’s unemployment rate is at 23.9 per cent; and 60 per cent of its population are youths, translating to 80 million Nigeria youths.

Our person of focus is a different jigsaw piece. He does not fit here.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is the acclaimed largest study of entrepreneurial dynamics in the world, providing information to help policy makers, civil society and the business community understand the obstacles to nurturing entrepreneurship, enterprise promotion and growth.

According to a survey carried out by GEM, the result of the survey shows that out of every 100 Nigerian adults, 35 are involved in some sort of entrepreneurial activities.

This is the round hole where our round peg fits!

John Belllo Okenyi studied Structural Engineering from the Federal Polytechnic Mubi. He Served in Ebonyi state and swam the murky waters of unemployment until he enlisted to begin a training with a company that installs automated door…

Places we call home

The sun had set earlier than every other day. Perhaps the truck driver was right.

"We now have shorter days and longer nights" He muffled out sounds from his bread filled mouth. At interval , his belly would jerk like he digested the bread as soon as he swallowed it. He often bought bread from my tray instead of that of the other boys in the group.

"Shey e soft?" He would mumble, squeezing the bread lightly between his fat thumb, index and middle finger.

His hoarse voice gave him away as a rough mean-looking man but I also pictured him sometimes as a man who would  have a family. Lots of children, maybe some who would have big sagged pants strapped to their tiny waist while they yell Daddy! Daddy! in excitement on his return back to his house at the close of the day.

My left leg raised its weak self, wobbled  in the air  then met the red earth again while my right leg dragged itself forward to meet the impatient left foot's pace. I increased my pace despite my …