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A toddler's eyes

Hurricane after hurricane
Of diverse names came
I had stuck my face in the fire
Yet it was not burnt
Ice packs laid on my breasts
Yet blood flowed through them

This is not for the swift
Or those with biceps so strong
This is for you who will stoop to pick pebbles along
Sit by the fire
Listen to this tale
Of how I  found the fine things I craved

Eyes so white
Dotted by a pair of black pupils
Little wonder she outshone a hundred other pupils
Her possession became my delight

Milk teeth as white as snow
A smile that made an abyss glow
Oh! That she 'd remain so
Darwin's theory won't let her do so

Your stare has broken my wall of defence
My limbs lose strength but my cardiac races fast
Innocence is a law executioner
Capturing even the fiercest

Wear it on my head like a crown
There's a tiny pocket on my left rib cage
Tuck in this memory in my heart
A heart fluttered by butterflies
Litted up by a million fireflies
All this I found in a toddler's eyes.

Normal Abnormalities

The dark sky is a coy mistress too shy to indulge herself in the embrace of her lover. I guess its a thing about masculinity,the sun subtly comes from the east without her knowledge and draws her into his embrace. They say two hearts beat as one perhaps that is what happens when we have the ash coloured sky  break into an orange coloured sky at dawn.

Earlier, the atmosphere had been quiet with only the coarse voice of the bus conductor searing through the peaceful air

 "Hold ya change!"

He repeated it countless times each time, a passenger hopped into the bus like an incantation that a diviner was meant to recite or else he 'd be made mad by his gods.

There is a guy with white earphones stuffed in his ears, he nods his head to the play of his music like he was excited but his face looked worn out like he had worked all through the weekend. This is Lagos, it wears even the strongest out.

I am seated between two men. One is dressed in a black suit and the other in black d…

Ochy beads and creations: An awakening of beauty with bare hands

Meeting our Showcase Thursday personality for today will enable you figure out that we don't need kisses to wake sleeping beauties anymore.

Frank Assisi says " He who works with his hands is a labourer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist."

Mary Ochuwa is a graduate of Public Health from the Federal University of Technology Owerri who has found love in the arms of bead making.

She is the Creative hand behind Ochy beads and creations . Makers of bead jewels, beaded flower vases, fabric embellishment, fancy bridal hand fans and tissue boxes.

" I learnt Ankara craft during the ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) strike period. I proceeded to learn beading in the year 2014 during my six months industrial training while I was a student. I also do embellishment on fabric" She reveals.

"The fashion industryis a dynamic one. My major challenge when I started was my pe…

The world on our shoulders

Some cup the world in their hands
With ease it is done
Gape, drool and marvel
Yet it will drip like a dripping scoop of water
The world is too much for us.

Laughter that cracks the ribs
Fear that has your laps trickling with pee
Pressure that burrows you into the ground
The world is too much for us

Of beasts in human skin
Of sanity overhauled by insanity
Lapped up like milk drunk by a kitten
A remnant of intermittent lucidity
Perhaps the world is too much for us

How is it that she travels circularly
A drunken lady walking in a zig-zag manner
Every stare at your amoebic form and supposing it as straight
Reveals you as an unrepentant nonagon

Have you heard about the man dressed in garments the colour of crimson?
Who gives too much at advent season
Only he gives out too much
Why do you give your children too much to munch?