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Every night through the seasons,  Adindu's compound would be serene as a lagoon, dark as the night skies only to be interrupted at intervals by the hooting of the owl that often positioned itself on the mango tree at the rear end of the compound and Adindu's ever nocturnal creaking bed.

The bed that had produced his fifteen children and served with total loyalty as his three wives love cradle.

Each morning after 'the creaking bed escapades,'  he would trot out of his compound, whistling with a leer in his face and his pot-belly right before his stout body. His fair skin tone and handsome face would have been the bait with which he caught his wives who often turned his compound to a wrestling ground.

Adindu was sweet-mouthed. A skill he used effortlessly.

His creaking iron-spring bed was to be warmed up through the week by Hauwa. She was a beauty to behold. A northern goddess. Her white gap-toothed dentition made her her endearing. Her coco-like toned skin glistened li…

New vitamin alert: Vitamin H

If you were undergoing mental stress and your doctor prescribed 'Vitamin H' as a drug, would you think he was crazy?

Vitamin H is the new vitamin on the block.

Helping means making it easier or possible for someone to do something by offering them one's services or resources.

This is the place of Altruism. Its not some mumbo-jumbo from the oxford dictionary. It is when we put other people’s needs before our own.

Some folks will put up arguments like if I had more, I will give more. You can actually give through:

VolunteeringMentoringDoing something for a good causeRandom acts of kindness

There is a constant and unending war of either crashing down or rising up. We are strong people however there are people who are not so strong, this is how they are wired but have refused to deactivate their default setting.

Everbody needs somebody. From the guy behind the counter at the bank, to the poor girl hawking grocery on the street, to the hundred billion dollar-worth boss in the b…

Cupid's Inmate

Close them
They allure me like a river
Too beautiful like a rose's petal
Too tempting
It calls out to me
Transfixed! Yet I move
Plunging deep into it
My clan does not swim
I could drown
Please close your eyes

Hide it in your ribcage
The thud jolts me
Is it powered by a magnetic force?
How come the strings of my heart are pulled out?
Strings lying strained like that of a bashed guitar
My clan does not wield a shield
I am permeable
Hide your heart in your ribcage

Cover them
They stand obedient like Altar Knights
They draw close to me
I grasp a pole
But the wind drags me closer to you
What do you desire to hear?
My clan does not whisper
I could spill it in like ink
Please cover your ears

Tie them up
They are too pleasant to behold
Fair yet strong
Are they made of gold?
I elope and they catch up with me
My clan does not run
I may never run away
Please tie up your legs.

Is this what you are made of?

Eyes that burrow deep into the soul
Hands that heal without a touch
Words that soothe without a pat on the back
Yet your every pat on the back drive us back to the right path

Sacrifices upon sacrifices
You have laid down like a tray filled with wares
Your heart houses a river
Yet this mass of water body does not flow

Claws! You do not possess
A mane! You cannot even boast of one
But your strength surpasses a lion's
You roar in a rabbit hole
And an entire jungle quakes

A heart with a void-earth form at creation
Large is your heart
Deep are your thoughts

I do not know you
But I have seen you
I have felt your touch
While your lips press upon my forehead

Stripes you have on your spine
Your back does not arch
But you are mild
A little too soft
Like sheep's wool
Ever soothing! Your smile is a balm
Woman, is this what you are made of?