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Crowns and crosses

Take me to David
Perhaps he might teach my heart to speak
I have no tears to spill
But this unsettling
This cross
This crucifix
Given to deficient omniscient beings
How is it carried?

I walk through pews
To get to him
To explain that these shoes do not fit
I hear no voice
All that echoes is nothingness
My ears are tingled by a whisper "Crowns are crucifix"
Who makes crowns out of crosses?

The back does not fit
Yet each one has a peculiar one
Which you must carry to Golgotha
Before the morning rises

Woe betide you
If the cross kiss not the sun
This unsettling eats deep like worms
But according to the testament of this unknown scroll, we must work

We need concrete stones

I think we all need concrete stones. Am I making any sense? You don't think so but the fact is that irrespective of if you are a civil engineer or currently  erecting a building of your own , we all need concrete stones.

I had once seated in a social studies class and listened to my teacher telling us how lucky we were at the time for being the 'Jet age kids.' This apparently meant we had technology working for us.

Then my eyes widened and litted up as she proceeded to tell us about the Stone age and the evolution of man. I can't deny the fact that I have always been a curious person.

The part that really engaged me was how early men struck concrete stones against each other to make fire. It still fascinates me.

At that moment I craved a first hand experience of hunting games and striking concrete stones to make fire and have them roasted.

So my conclusion of that narrative as a child was that the two stones just had to be what I called 'small fires' that made…

I am a serial cheat and don't intend to repent

I am a unapologetic serial cheat and won't be
repenting soon but before you whip out your phone to call me to provide you a long list of all my cheating partners or mutter "Oh my God!"

Let me share the details of the shady ordeal with you. I have been cheating on the Sciences with the Art for a long time. All efforts to make me back off has proven futile.

 I have had this conversation a couple of exhausting time with friends and family. This brings to memory that you should never give up on the pursuit that makes your blood rush. I like to fantasize and sometimes I picture myself as a granny with grey hair penning down stories that my grandchildren would read and it 'd make them proud.

So, it is a lifelong engagement.

I don't know exactly why I am doing this but I feel someone who is still battling between two camps might need to see this.

Don't be deceived. People still follow their dreams.

When I thought about doing this piece I remembered some people and …