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My name is Ogechi. You might think the name sounds feminine but I am a man. A full-fledged man who has come to find love in family, nature and most important art. On inked dotted lines I go by the name Animashaun Tanimowo Ogechi Paul. All I see is art even when I sleep and when I am working. I have a binding covenant with the painting brush.

Like the Peak Milk commercial says "It's in you." Art practically runs in my family from my mother to my elder brother, myself then to my father and sister of blessed memory. I started with banner and poster making with my elder brother who was studying art then. I scaled up by making greeting cards during festive periods or events. All this was done under his supervision.

Lagos was the city, where my birth cry was first heralded. I grew up in the same city, in Ajegunle precisely. My primary and secondary school education memorably was in at Layeni Primary School, Ajegunle and Amuwo Odofin High School, Mile 2, Lagos. I was the go-to…


Cursed be the beddings
That soaked up their love
To produce a vain thing
From the whisper of sweet nothings
To grunts and sobs

Her smile is a concealer
A replica of that of daughters of the eastern heartland
Concealing the world and everything in it

Her eyeshadow coloured black and blue;
Is an imprint of pummelled punches
From that love war at Waterloo
Rouge cheeks betrayed by bad blood that vowed to stand in the dock

So I say a prayer
To open the eyes of her mind
To the truth that beasts leave not their meals half-way

Wearing white-toothed smiles while transversing dark paths
I kneel and say a prayer
That you will live to tell this tale

Of kicks that became pats
Punches weaved into your heart
Bruises that will never dry
How come you are yet to die?


I'm sharing my story to answer the ''HOW DID YOU BECOME SO GOOD AT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING QUESTION'' and inspire somebody.

Growing up, magic was a word I spoke with reservation. It was something that you see in movies and read in storybooks, and always in total contrast with reality. But I soon began to experience something akin to magic when I joined Facebook in 2012 after a friend suggested I sign up so I could interact and stay connected with my favourite music stars. Then, music was my entire life; I had breakfast nodding my head to hits from Akon, lunch with a dash of Kendrick Lamar, and dinner with J Cole's tracks. It is safe to say that music led me to social media.

But the only thing I knew about the internet was it being a cyber cafe, a place to, find jobs online, type and print documents.

So how do I open a Facebook account? I went to Jude my tech guru, he agreed to help me open an email address so we could sign up for a Facebook account ( remember t…


Did you just hear algorithm and think about mathematics?  Its not as hard as your class room mathematics, I will break it down.

The Instagram algorithm is simply a robot that decides what you see in your Instagram feed when you are on the platform.

This robot takes data from your past behavior to create a unique feed for you.

Before now we used to have a chronological Instagram Algorithm, but because they want to improve users experience, they are personalizing the feed for everyone- showing users just what they are interested in.

Below are the factors that determine what you see in your Instagram feed:


Instagram shows just what you are interested in.
Let's say you are following Fifaworldcup, bbcsport, supersport and you are always checking their pages to stay updated on everything World Cup.

They will show more soccer and World Cup related posts from other pages in your feed and explore page.


How recently the post was shared, with prioritization for timely posts ov…


Every night through the seasons, Odimfe's compound would be serene as a lagoon, dark as the night skies only to be interrupted at intervals by the hooting of the owl that often positioned itself on the mango tree at the rear end of the compound and Odimfe's ever nocturnal creaking bed.
The bed that had produced his fifteen children and served with total loyalty as his three wives love cradle. Each morning after 'the creaking bed escapades,'  he would trot out of his compound, whistling with a leer in his face and his pot-belly right before his stout body. His fair skin tone and handsome face would have been the bait with which he caught his wives who often turned his compound to a wrestling ground. Adindu was sweet-mouthed. A skill he used effortlessly.
His creaking iron-spring bed was to be warmed up through the week by Hauwa. She was a beauty to behold. A northern goddess. Her white gap-toothed dentition made her endearing. Her coco-like toned skin glistened like th…