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I'm sharing my story to answer the ''HOW DID YOU BECOME SO GOOD AT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING QUESTION'' and inspire somebody.

Growing up, magic was a word I spoke with reservation. It was something that you see in movies and read in storybooks, and always in total contrast with reality. But I soon began to experience something akin to magic when I joined Facebook in 2012 after a friend suggested I sign up so I could interact and stay connected with my favourite music stars. Then, music was my entire life; I had breakfast nodding my head to hits from Akon, lunch with a dash of Kendrick Lamar, and dinner with J Cole's tracks. It is safe to say that music led me to social media.

But the only thing I knew about the internet was it being a cyber cafe, a place to, find jobs online, type and print documents.

So how do I open a Facebook account? I went to Jude my tech guru, he agreed to help me open an email address so we could sign up for a Facebook account ( remember then you will need an email address to open a Facebook account).

We had to walk a long distance from Nvigwe to YKC to use a cyber cafe.

On the first day, we signed up for an email address. The next day we were busy staring at blank skies, trying to remember the password again. We had to walk a long distance again. It was as if we were practising on how to out-run the man who walked to Abuja to congratulate President Buhari after the 2015 election.

On some days the cafe would be overcrowded while on other days their backup power would break down and the worst case scenario was when there was no internet connection.
It took me four weeks of walking a long distance to finally sign up for the Facebook account I use presently.

Having been showed how to navigate through Facebook, I followed artists, bands, and pages about music.

This new part of lifestyle adaptation brought in contact with friends like Cupid, Emjay, and Sonia; who taught me all about this other side of social media platforms. They taught me how to create a page, how to manage a page, how to grow audience, and more (It all started on Facebook). Life became more interesting, with the numerous rap battles and fresh gists about our favourite artists and their music.

All seemed to be on the same pace till Emjay suggested we record a song. The puzzling thing here was that I had no idea about recording songs online, especially with people I've never met physically. But the beauty of social media came afore here because we did not only record verses of the song but also got linked us with a US-based music producer to produce the beats for our song.

We made magic happen. I realized that Magic was not just a Hollywood concept, but something that came with recognizing novelty and creating opportunities out of it.

This changed my perspectives about Facebook and social media. I figured out that I could use this new technology advancement to my advantage.

 I pushed further by helping a friend win a pageantry show online by sharing links, tagging friends and encouraging our music community to do same.

Boom! At this point, I realized that there's more to Facebook and social media. I soon brought my marketing and business strategies online, and it has been "Abra ca da bra" ever since. I don't mind if you call me the man with the magic wand.

Imagine finding out your passion was right under your feet, what could be more magical than that?


Henshaw Jacobson is a digital marketing professional and the founder of QliqMedia, a digital marketing agency on a mission to help businesses and individuals connect with their target audiences online and sell their products or services without hassle.

Before staring QliqMedia, Henshaw spent six years in a
leadership position in sales and marketing, where he helped companies Including Mich Louis Nig Ltd achieve their marketing goals.
Today, Henshaw helps leaders and organizations gain visibility, grow influence and make money using creative marketing strategies and digital tools like social media.

You can connect with him on social media @henshawjacobson


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