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I had once needed to use my friend's convenience and in there she had two mirrors hanging on the wall in opposite directions. One right above the wash hand basin and one behind. I thought of it as being a funny sight.

I stepped out, pulling up my zipper.

"Babes, do you intend converting your bathroom to a barbing saloon?"

"What?" She asked trying to understand the underlying reason for my question. Suddenly, she grasped where my sense of humour was driving at.

She sighed. " I pray you receive the sense to be serious real quick" We laughed hard for a while then my mind wandered.

It is common to walk into a barbing saloon and find mirrors hung in opposite directions to enable the customer getting a haircut to see the frontal and back view. This was what prompted my question.

In life, as good as we might be, we would need two mirrors from time to time. These are not literal mirrors. It is only the assessment of yourself through your eyes and that of others.

Over time, I have counted myself as being blessed not because I have good friends but because I have good friends who will tell me when I am walking on the wrong path without minding whose ox is gored.

Seeing yourself from your perspective and that of another person is very essential. There are few people who will tell you the truth, if you ever find them in your lifetime, happy are ye.

Self re-assessment gives room for re-strategizing, correction and improvement to enable you to meet your goals. It creates the atmosphere to know when you have to pat yourself on the back or give yourself a spank on the butt. Self-reassessment is not an intellectual mumbo-jumbo, it is very practical.

Last year, my mentor had stressed on the need for self-reassessment. I told myself, it was not something I'd love to do. However, if you must go far, then you need to look back on the footprints you 've left behind, not to feel a sting of regret or pity but to carve out lifelong lessons from them. So, I took a bold step and opted for it.

1. What do you think are my core values?

2. When my name pops up in your head, what are the first three things that comes to your mind?

3. What do you think is my weakness?

4. What would you consider as my strength?

5. What areas do I need to improve?

6. What other career paths or areas would you prefer I thread?

These questions were the basis of my self-reassessment and I made it quite clear that it was not for the purpose of having my ego bloated or receiving backlashes. I sent this out to a couple of friends and they all gave their candid response to this. It opened up to me flaws that I saw as being opaque, those that were transparent and also where I have been excelling.

Self- reassessment cannot be over-emphasized. You might want to try this too.

Tell me what you think about this piece in the comment section.


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I have admired you since the day I knew you
Work has to get better but don't ever try to change you.
Lots of love

I wept like a baby, that was the only gift I got that day.
Dele was not sacked and they are now proud parents of three kids.

Don't you just love to love? #winks.
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