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Chioma was that child that will send you hiding your clothes and wrappers far away from her reach for the fear that she will tear them in shreds out of the zeal of designing and making clothes. Her first skirt was made at the age of twelve. 

"Nobody taught me to sew, nobody close to me sews, I didn't even know it was a 6 pieces skirt I sewed till I finally went to a fashion school," She says with an air of humour. 

"I also made bags and a pair of slippers from an old Jean material that happened to be my old skirt. My mum marveled at the thought of Jean slippers then but now we see Jean slippers everywhere." She continues. 

Chioma Vanessa who prefers to go by the alias 'God's favourite daughter' is a graduate of the Federal University of Technology Owerri, an entrepreneur and the present CEO of Nessa Design and Stitches (NDS). A young Fashion and Designing outfit that not only makes great outfits but also runs mini fashion tutorials.

Her motivation stems out from mentoring and coaching others. However, she does not leave out the fact that improving or make something new, completing a difficult project and seeing it through the end, meeting set targets, finding a way to solve a problem all spur her motivation.

"My biggest motivation is to see people run to Jesus in total surrender through the power of influence or success, people need to know that success through God is real and heaven, at last, is the height of true success here. This quote 'success has many friends' just started making a lot more of sense to me. Research has it that people ordinarily would travel far, pay the heavy bill, damn all the consequences just to hear a successful or influential person speak whether or not you make any sense."

 I want to get to that height that when I cough, everyone wants to pay attention to who coughed."

She goes further to reveal that consistency is what takes people to places beyond imagination.

"This will take you places unaware, don't dare give up, be courageous, you'll have sleepless nights, you'll feel worried and afraid. It's okay do it with fear anyway there'll be stories to share afterwards, just don't let me hear you gave up."

One major challenge she has faced in her entrepreneurial journey is getting competent hands that can reproduce you in your absence. This is because of the get-rich-quick syndrome that has bitten deeply into the younger generation. Most people have obviously lost the ability to be patient work towards goals and get results. The world has subscribed to 'the end justifies the means.'

You can connect with Chioma Vanessa via
Facebook page:  Nessa Design & Stitches
Facebook group: Sew with Nessa
WhatsApp group: The Nessa Society
Instagram: Chiomavanessa_world
WhatsApp or call 08068917967, 09053785502.
About us:
Nessa Design and Stitches is a signature effort of Chioma Vanessa, targeted at educating women through tailoring and other crafts locally and internationally.


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