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Descend O Comtraitors!

Descend o comtraitors, is the call to action

Corruption is dispensed in exponential rations

The cost of silence paid with bags of rice and salt

Our mothers and fathers bought, even the youth, their voices shut

A jewel stained, no amount of washing, cleaning

Purity is gone, not even prayers can restore healing

2019 is fast approaching, elders humbled

Remember yesterday when they left you manacled

It's always the same story, no difference

A generation almost extinct, power grabbing, a bad influence

Failed promises cancel one another

Poverty at its peak, election is closed, absence of law and order

It's the time to change history not become one

Don't give us guns this season, give us funds we no longer want to be a pun

We are Kings and queens, royalty is in our blood

We can rule as well and even better, it's time we were treated even, everything else is odd

Descend o comtraitors, it's time to answer the youthful call

The eagle indeed has landed, now even the battle horses fall

Instead of oil, blood is spilling

Herdsmen from the north on a free ride killing

Unemployed youths useful as thugs for hire

Our girls abducted and sold to the most armed buyer

Our heroes past are our today's villains

Yesterday's compatriots now traitors today, camouflaged as politicians

The land is no more green with vegetation but greed

Group of civilians with an unsatisfactory thirst for power, assassins creed

It's mission impossible this 2019, no more electoral violence

Enough is enough, we refuse to stay chained in silence

It's a revolution, not of arms nor ammunition

But free and fair transition written in the constitution

The pyramid of our political values are upside down

So it's time for a new head to wear the crown

We don't need a replay, we deserve a fast track

It's time to rise up as catalysts and hit corruption at the core, till it cracks

Descend o comtraitors, Nigeria's call so it's time to obey

So true compatriots may arise and save the day.

The Pride of the Wild

In the beginning, we sat listening to the sounds of beating hearts,

Eyes dancing to the rhythm, mimicking steps of ebony arts,

From far and nigh, over and beyond the seas, they came,

Masquerading as allies, their mission to maim, tame and reclaim.

Sculpted and shaped, the African Pride,

Never one to be ashamed, cower or hide in natures wild,

With the stars and the moon as witnesses,

The earth rumbles and trembles for she exhibits no mercies.

Like a preacher delivering a rapturous sermon with salted verses,

Feet as strong as mahogany, with stylish steps she renders melodious lessons,

But alas tis dawn, the night was once beautiful,

Until morning arrived with strangers yellow as the sun yet more scorching taking her for a fool.

Her pride they stole, her tribes disrobed,

Over and over she is ravaged and stripped of gold,

Broke nay not Broken, her once young flesh grows old as she is taken from her home,

Until nought is left in her but savage, sweats and bone.

In the beginning, she was sold for powder and glass,

Now far away an echo is heard as she returns with power and class,

At dusk a maiden at dawn a lady

She returns as the pride and joy of many.

KingDavid Chinaeke Ofunne is an Authorpreneur, who is passionate about expressing himself through poetry and writing. He has expertise in Strategic marketing campaigns, Digital content creation, Creative writing and Proofreading. 

While he is not busy. He is more concerned with playing board or video games, looking through a window as he travels or seeing movies. 


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