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One of the things I spend some of my sub-conscious time doing is playing mind-games. I usually do not believe that there is one straight road leading to a certain path, this is why I am always haunted by the quest to seek for new paths.

So I am a devoted player of the "What If game?"  As much as this game sounds exciting, the irritating part is when you try to limit yourself, your ideation will tend to lose its fluidity.

If you don't want to stand a chance of being thrashed 20 - 0 in a 'What If game,' Then you need to Just Do It like the Colin Kaepernick Nike's Ad campaign.

Trust me, it is more rewarding laughing over your folly than crying over the regret that you should have made an attempt or taken up a task because years down the lane, you will stay at a wrinkled face with grey hair and whisper "I wish I did it."

In my local dialect in Eastern Nigeria, we say "Uche na abia abia." It means that one can never be too knowledgeable. Your heroes are not flawless either, most of them are have made the most alarming mistakes but the reason why they are still on track is that those mistakes did not deter them.

There is never going to be the right time, you are never going to be too buoyant to pursue your dreams and you are never going to be the omniscient. So, I agree with Travis Scott, 'Stop trying to be God!'

Everyone can't love you or your ideas or else you intend selling vanilla ice cream. You have a mandate and a task to fulfil destiny and if you blow that opportunity, your conscience will never forgive you.

The most relishing experience of my life is watching myself evolve over time. I have come to embrace it with hugs and kisses because this is growth.

So, if you need to jump off the cliff, JUST DO IT. 


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