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Some people make deliberate decisions to go into farming but Obinna was actually born into the world of agriculture.

Onyewuchi Obinna Michael is the brain behind TM -farms. A startup focused on water reticulation for farms, farm planning, agricultural consultancy, crop production especially for crops believed not to thrive in the South East. TM -farms is also actively involved in animal rearing which includes; piggery, fishery and poultry farming.

"Becoming a farmer was not just a decision I made at a point but a culture that I was born into. I was born into what I would call an Agriculture family. I  have always had the vision to revolutionize the Agriculture sector, awaken the minds of youth towards agriculture by changing their perceptions of agriculture.

To prove to our young minds that you can work hard, channel your energy to something positive and get fulfilled as you smile to the bank.  I must add that agriculture or farming is a career of hope; it requires a lot of patience, humility courage and resilience," he revealed.

Onyewuchi Obinna Michael is a self-professed lover of God. When asked what was his source of motivation was, he didn't hesitate to say "My parents, siblings, myself, my vision and my very very small but wonderful circle of friends."

It will not be wrong to say that Obinna's life revolves around agriculture.  He has a Bachelor in Engineering in Agricultural Engineering and a Masters degree in Flood and Erosion Control Technology.

"My interest lies in Hydroponics Agriculture, Geographic Information System (GIS), Plant and Animal Production," he says with an air of confidence.

His challenge as he walks through the sphere of the Agriculture sector is a common one and that is fund.

When asked about words of advice he had to offer a newbie in his field of endeavour, he smiles.

"First, to succeed in life you have to set a standard for your self and be ready to work towards it.
Choose your friends. Trust me they have a way of mailing you succeed or fail. Farming has a lot of value chains, pick one you have passion for and grow in it.

A successful entrepreneur is one who solves a problem in his line of career. A farmer needs a lot of patience, strive to do the right thing and always be inspired.

Connect with Onyewuchi Obinna Michael on:

Facebook: Onyewuchi Obinna
Facebook: TM -farms.
Phone :      08067776469


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