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What did you just read? 

Standalonation? Is that English, French, Spanish or Swahili? Accept my apologies because I don't have an answer. 

The above word is my coined word for the opposite of collaboration. I grew up to hear the phrase 'One man show.' Anyone who was termed a 'One man show' was perceived to be some kind of genius, a Superman of his kind. 

Collaboration is known to be the act of working together to achieve a common goal. Effective collaboration is achieved when the results of the team's efforts are greater than those which individual members could achieve on their own. 

Over the weekend, I was opportuned to work with an amazing team on a short film project. We were to write, shoot, produce and edit a short film within twenty hours.  
20 Hours? 😳

As soon as I got the call from a childhood friend who was the producer, my eyes popped out. That's a mission impossible! We decided to lay anxiety aside and at least put in the work. 

It took making a few calls and within less than three hours, we had a producer, director, script writer, actors, props, and all the gadgets we needed to make it happen. 

The short film was screened at the Realtime International Film Festival (rtf) at the Ikeja City Mall and it suprisingly won an award. 

As the world evolves. You will be opportune to realise that Aunty or Uncle 'One man show' won't fit in the present world. 

This is because there is an increased need to beat past records, create innovative value and solutions. The world's population is ever increasing; we have to reach out to a larger audience, people's taste of knowledge, products and services are ascending in an elevated angle.  This is means you have to be at the top of your game to survive as a student, entrepreneur, employee or just about anyone. 

As a student in the university, working in group project always left me with a feedback. You get privileged to know those classmates you might term 'Hi Friends' better, you learn new leadership skills, learn things you never knew about, how to be a team player and how to deal with the reluctant or even the crazy ones. Working with a team exposes you to more than you might have bargained for. 
And that is perfect, if you desire growth. 

But what does this collaboration really do?
  • It increases your knowledge prior to a project.
  • It expands your network. 
  • You become a more efficient team player. 
  • You have lesser hassles and stressful  moments to face. 
  • Your project gets achieved in a short time. 
  • Projects and plans are achieved at a reduced cost. 
  • You enjoy the reward of better result outcomes. 
Now you see that being Aunty or Uncle 'One man show' is not always a good decision. As a student, rub minds with other bright minds. As an entrepreneur, give your brand the opportunity to collaborate  with other brands to rake in more sales and gain visibility. Dear employee, don't be an 'I too sabi either', let there be a flow of knowledge. 

Now before you guys distract me from my initial question. 

Pitch your camp, Collaboration or Standalonation?😏

Here is a free gift for you! See PATH: The Movie


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