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One of the most thrilling things about movies and television series is the emergence of love interests among the characters. Fans of these movies and tv series automatically turn the duo into a headline.

They are often talked about on every space and suddenly everyone turns to some kind of sailor with a chant of "Ship them" falling in very angle. 

Relationships are beautiful to watch as they blossom. While some of us like to raise our's like flag and some like to keep it on the low.  The good thing remains that you are living, loving and laughing. 

One relationship that is not often talked about remains the one existying between your brand and colours. Most people have a general idea of the effect colours can have on you. 

You might have heard that a kitchen should never have too much blue decor because blue ruins your appetite. You have probably also heard that red can raise your heart pressure. In all actuality, there is truth behind these ideas. Colour can have a large impact on they way we react to certain situations. 

Colour can be used to give your audience the subconscious feeling you desire them to have, so decide on this first before choosing your brand colours.  An understanding of colour psychology can help give your brand an edge over the competition.

Remember, that these are the colours we see when we see your logo, we get handed your business cards, when we see your branded take-out bags and letter head papers. 

Be smart about your choice of colours;


A popular color whenever you want to make people think of security and serenity.

That makes blue a good choice for background and conversion elements on websites that deal with intrinsically scary things like finances, medicine, insurance or even your favourite Facebook.

Blue is the color to open the flow of communication and open your mind to learning new things. 


The brands that use black to good effect are luxury or high-end brands, retailing to a mainly male audience. Rolls-Royce. Lamborghini. 

Check out any high-end luxury brand with a male-oriented clientele and you’re likely to see a lot of black. For instance, Rolls Royce.


Orange is a bright, bold color that doesn’t have red’s heart-palpitation urgency. Orange features heavily in many websites, where it’s used for calls to action and buy buttons. 

It stands out clearly against a lot of different backgrounds, and some of its success may be down to the fact that it’s a comparatively rare brand colour so an orange button is often the only orange thing on the page.


Red triggers action. If you’ve already primed someone to buy with great design (that isn’t all bright red), and solid copy, then your red ‘buy now’ buttons can work great.

  • Choose colors through the lens of your customer, and those that reflect your company’s brand, industry and product or service.
  • Leverage color combinations to enhance their impact. A color like grey which doesn’t make a significant statement could be paired with a more energizing or relaxing color.
  • Be cognizant of how colors are interpreted in different cultures, particularly if you have an international customer base or sell your products/services abroad.
  • Don’t choose colors based on your own preferences. Your favorite color may not be sending the right message.
  • To maximize your opportunity to stand out, avoid choosing colors that are too similar to your competitors.

Have fun! explore and study more colours that will portray your brand's mesage effectively. 


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