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Aluta Continua is one chant that resonates with everyone who has passed through a Public University in Nigeria and allowed school to equally pass through them. 

Aluta Continua is a Portuguese saying, meaning "The struggle continues". It is highly believed that it was discovered as an inscription on Kunta Kinte's commemorate. The correct wording of the phrase is actually "A luta continua, vitória é certa" meaning, "The struggle continues, victory is certain".

It is the motto of the all-Nigerian Students Union across all academic institutions of higher education.

Coincidentally, anytime I am opportune to leave Lagos for a couple of days, weeks or months. On return, it's impossible not to observe the yellow striped buses and what comes to my mind is, "Aluta Continua, Drama é certa. It is impossible for me to guarantee you that there will not be drama on a yellow bus. 

This morning, our bus is riding at a slow pace with some passengers grumbling abou…


Apart from your identity card, another thing that identifies or characterizes you will be your hat.

Hats? Yes, Hats. I hated them. I felt they had their way of denying my scalp air as a little girl plus I though it looked clumsy. This week, I took the time to observe the number of people I have been in contact with. Some wore hats and some didn't. 

Here's my observation; Baseballs hats or caps are for the cool kids, fedoras are for the older men, berets are for the frat guys, floppy female hats are for the bourgie and classy women. 
Interesting, isn't it? So, perhaps you can decide to embark on this with me and place people wearing hats in a category (But, don't tell them, that I sent you).

Credit: CNCAPS 

Social media managers too get to wear hats. Most likely not the Fedora, baseball ball or even beret. But they really do. Their hats are more superficial yet innate. These are characteristics they need to have to enble anyone spot them and say," Ahaaaan! That's th…


They say what you value, you protect.

I may not have understood this a couple of years ago but in recent times, I have learnt to understand the intricacies of protecting my mind as a human and as a creative.  I have learnt the act of using and conserving my mental energy.

Don't yawn yet. I am not on the route of schooling you on psychology.  This morning, I am on my way to work.

My soul has a yearning to flip through few pages of 'Born a Crime by Trevor Noah'.

Man's a genius! I am wondering why it took me this long to read his book.

No, I don't read instead I binge watch a TV series on my phone. That's what my head says. My actions are often based on concession between my mind and my head.

Few minutes later, my eyes are getting tired. I steal a power nap just to avoid being feeling cheated in the building traffic ahead. Don't school me about theft in Lagos buses, I should be called upon to facilitate a masterclass on how to avoid being a victim of a bus th…


My grandmother 's house was one cool place to visit when I was growing up. Especially between my pre-teens and teenagehood.

I am a vintage soul. There were always old newspapers and magazines like TELL, NewsWatch and Vogue lying carelessly. They were priceless treasures as it was also a period in time when my curiosity was taking higher leaps.

Another magazine that often caught my eyes was what my older cousins referred to as a 'Yellow Pages.' No need to sleep on this. It was simply a Directory.

The yellow pages are any telephone directory of businesses, organized by category rather than alphabetically by business name, and in which advertising is sold. The directories were originally printed on yellow paper, as opposed to white pages for non-commercial listings.

In present times, Yellow Pages are not the trend. Instead, we do Business Listings. Just like you have a home or office where I can walk into to check up on you, so does your business.

Sometimes, in order to look …


I have a thing for places. It's unexplainable. All I can say is that I have certain emotions about certain geographical locations.

I remember once taking a trip to see a house where I was raised as a kid. My findings made me sad, the house had dilapidated, the children of the landlord had been in court over a tussle of inheritance. I expected a lively compound filled with people but it was an abandoned shadow of itself. It's a weird thing to say but I felt emotionally drained.

Some places make me nauseous, some excited, some sad and some really angry. One thing I can say is I will always long for a feel of Lagos irrespective of where I am.

The yellow bus is rolling on the tarred road. One glance at my Google map tells me there is traffic ahead. 

My mind is on a wanderlust trip. It is always wandering. The conductor has been petty and rambling. He is lashing out insults at whoever he thinks deserves it.

"Idiot, see as you keep face like wizard wey never suck blood" a thin …


Amaka is one of the smartest people I have met. Come to think of it, she was raised in Onitsha, Anambra State and the ever bustling city of Lagos. You can say business sense comes easy to her, having lived in these two cities. 

When the year began, she planned to increase her clientele to at least hundred for the year. Lately, she got a  ink that also enables her get quality supply of super stylish clothes. 

However, the goal of the year has been dwindling. She has been on an emotional roller coaster on why her business has not  been going as planned. We all know business has it's good days and it's bad days. 

But these... has been bad daaaaaaays. Before we attribute anything to fate and the circumstance. One thing is evident, she has not been making efficient use of her resources that will help her nail her goal for the year. 

What in Christ heaven's is she going to do?

There is a very thick line between wanting and needing a thing. With the constant evolution of the market sc…